Nordonia boys tennis shuffles linup to prepare for postseason

In high school tennis, it is not uncommon for singles players to switch to doubles for the postseason where they would have a better chance of success.

That means those players prepare for sectionals by playing doubles the last handful of matches in the regular season.

Head coach Ryan Vehar is doing just that with the Nordonia boys team.

Sophomores Ranbeer Bajwa and Drew Kitzmiller played first and second singles, respectively, for most of this season. Bajwa and Kitzmiller will be competing in doubles in the postseason. The two of them prepared for the postseason by playing No. 1 doubles in the Knights’ last four matches.

“Ranbeer and Drew are just getting their feet wet, and I want to see if they like that option because neither of them would ever have a chance in singles,” Vehar said. “They’re starting to play with more confidence and are starting to play better technical doubles tennis. They’re starting to hit better in that doubles scenario. They’re starting to volley better, they’re starting to hit cross court baseline shots better and they’re starting to serve better. Their games are coming together in doubles. “

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