Noah Keats and Ronnie Atard scored their first NHL points in the Flyers’ 4-2 defeat to the Blue Jacket.

Despite scoring with a shot and making a dominant second run to spark a comeback, the Fliers once again lost the game in the third round and went 4-2 to Columbus on Tuesday night in central Wales Fargo. The blue jacket fell off. . The Flyers had 49 shots on goal when they lost.

The excitement of Sunday’s victory over the Rangers did not continue. Within minutes of the drop, Flyers was losing. Before the Flyers entered the board with Noah Keats’s flower, the blue vest doubled the difference.

That flower sparked the Flyers. While they outperformed the blue jacket in both the first and second rounds, their 18 second rounds were of better quality. The shots were combined from the top and bottom, and all the players except Keith Yandel, who scored a shot at the end of the second. Morgan Frost (5), Joel Farabi (5) and Ivan Proverov (4) were in the lead, but it was James Van Rimsdick’s defensive goal that equalized before the final period.

“We should have had a very good lead after two seasons,” said interim coach Mike Yeo.

After losing 38-16 in the first two rounds, the Blues were finally able to equalize the offensive pressure with the help of their first power game. While they did not concede a goal in the power play, they used it shortly after the move to score. They scored an empty net to end the game.

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The whole story of this game was their goalkeeper [Elvis Merzlikins, who made 47 saves]Yeo said, to be honest with you. I’m disappointed with our players because I thought we did a lot of great things tonight. “These are games that you will often win.”

All three goals scored in the first round were the NHL’s first goals. Carson Meyer’s blue jacket scored his first NHL point with an assist from Brendan Gans, his first point of the game. Minutes later, Mir scored his first NHL goal.

To avoid this, Keats went to work for the Flyers and fought for the position in front of the net and finding open points. When Patrick Brown passed it from behind the net, Keats was in a great position to score the Fliers’ first goal of the game and his first NHL goal.

“Scoring that goal was a lifelong dream and it was a huge goal for us,” Keats said.

“It probably jumped two feet into the air when Rooney Atard realized it was Kates who scored.” This made him want to take action. He fired a timer from the blue line as he fell to the ground, and Van Rimsdick deflected it to Atard’s first point in the NHL.

“I must have watched him grow up and see his art in front of the network,” Mercury said. He is very good. So, whenever he is there, just try to use them. “Most of the time, he eats a stick.”

The Flyers went to Power four times before the Blue Jackets had a game. This was not in their best interest.

Six minutes with a male lead turned it into a game of keeping away. There was good hollow movement as they rotated the ball around the offensive zone. The Flyers took four shots in the first power game, though they were not quality shots. After that, they only got three in the second, one in the third and one in the fourth.

The game kept them away sometimes not going well. They accidentally cleared the ball themselves, as well as creating a solid chance for a short blue jacket. The flyers were 0 to 4 and are 12 to 115 in 2022 (10.4%).

However, Ivan Proverov said that this is an improvement over Sunday’s game, and Yeo also said that it looks better and creates higher quality opportunities.

“Today was not a good first power game, but after that, I think we found a rhythm, we got ready, we had a series of appearances, a bunch of shots on the net with a few points,” Proverov said. “And yes, I just have to find a way to put the genie on the net.”

Although Frost and Owen Tippet had good chemistry, they could not produce it. In the first game, Yeo separated them, Tippet scored and Frost played so well that he climbed to the top line for Tuesday’s game.

In front of the Blues, Frost created opportunities for both himself and his teammates. He fought in front of the goal and was a few centimeters away from scoring on two positions. He equalized a penalty and put up a good defense, including a game that created a good move in the offensive zone.

“Frost thought he was just buzzing for the first two seasons,” Yeo said. Then in the third period, not that he was bad, but I would like this confidence to continue.

Tippet, meanwhile, continued to connect with Kevin Hayes, who created him for multiple separation opportunities, but Tippet could not use any of them.

The Flyers will fly to Columbus, Ohio to play again in a blue jacket at 7pm on Thursday.

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