NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Day Four: Matchup Previews and Predictions

Last night did not disappoint for Stanley Cup Playoff games from around the NHL. Many teams bounced back, and the different series were taken in a new direction after game one. Hopefully, tonight, we will see a similar outcome.

Before we dive in on tonight’s matchups, let’s talk about last night’s scores.

Carolina Hurricanes 5 – Boston Bruins 2 (CAR leads series 2-0)

Tampa Bay Lightning 5 – Toronto Maple Leafs 3 (Series tied 1-1)

Minnesota Wild 6 – St. Louis Blues 2 (Series tied 1-1)

Edmonton Oilers 6 – Los Angeles Kings 0 (Series tied 1-1)

I was a perfect 4/4 on the night for my predictions bringing my overall score to 8/12.

Besides the Boston Bruins falling to Carolina again, last night we saw new winners in each one of those series. Could we see that again tonight with the different matchups? Let’s talk about it.

Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers – 7 PM ET

Pittsburgh leads the series 1-0

I could watch this series go to five overtimes. The Penguins and Rangers looked evenly matched in game one, which definitely benefits the Penguins who were playing some of their best hockey of the season.

If the Rangers can lock things down defensively and play a full game then I am betting on them to win.

My Prediction: New York wins game two.

Washington Capitals at Florida Panthers – 7:30 ET

Washington leads the series 1-0

Florida and Washington did not look like a very fun series going in. Florida looked better on paper and the Capitals looked poised for the golf course by the end of next week. However game one showed that Washington is only a few years removed from winning a championship, and Florida is going to have to earn any win they get against the Caps.

How the Panthers goaltending and defense does tonight is definitely going to be something to keep an eye on.

My Prediction: Washington wins game two.

Nashville Predators at Colorado Avalanche – 9:30 ET

Colorado leads the series 1-0

This series is going to be over quick. The Avalanche are the better team here and when you look around the entire league right now they look like the best team around.

My Prediction: Colorado wins game two.

Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames – 10 PM ET

Calgary leads the series 1-0

I would be lying if the way game one went is not impacting my prediction for the night. Calgary only winning the game one to zero and this series getting physical fast makes me lean towards Dallas in game two.

Calgary won game one of the series, but the winner of the war had to be Dallas actually sticking with the Flames for the entire night. Maybe that momentum will lead them to a win in game two. I am excited to see the Flames’ star talent back in action tonight though if they put up a big win tonight I won’t be doubting them in the future.

My Prediction: Dallas wins game two.

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