NFL star Jojo Smith-Schuster’s Water Cup is now the best game of 2022

Juju Smith-Schuster injects water into a plastic bag.

Screenshot: thefbhouse / Kotaku

Here’s how a man was thrown into a swimming pool in front of millions of viewers. On Friday, professional NFL player Jojo Smith-Schuster recorded “The Water Cup Challenge” taking place. On TikTokGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It was two minutes of the most nerve-racking جينگا I have ever suffered. No matter how full the cup, it was impossible to determine who the winner would be.

TikTok challenges are usually there Notorious To threaten participants. Smith-Schuster Seize the public boat Last August to try was the “Career Cricket Challenge”, a game in which players navigate without having to go to the tower of Cricket. The Water Cup Challenge is the least dangerous. Players take turns dropping a drop of water into a plastic bag. Whoever caused the cup to be darkened was thrown into the swimming pool.

The Water Cup Challenge has been there ever since 2021 at leastHowever, no one is as famous as an NFL football player. Some of the missing had to jump in the swimming pool, while others were simply sprayed with a garden hose. Twitter’s comments have started calling the challenge “water جينگاQuote retweets 1.

While the mechanics are identical, the Water Cup challenge is not real جينگا As some netizens call it. It is worse When you play جينگا, There is usually a push that predicts the entire tower to go down. This is not the case for the water cup challenge, where the overflow is entirely dependent on the water surface tension.

For those of you who slept through high school physics, Surface tension This is when the water molecules accumulate more readily on the sides than any other bits of H2O. As a result, each drop of water contained in the cup rests firmly on the main body. This means that no one can predict who is going to exacerbate the challenge until it is too late. For a better viewing experience, don’t see how much time is left in the video.

One guy loses the water cup challenge in the end. I knew what the stains were, but I didn’t In fact Think he’ll be thrown into the pool. It was just a joke, right? No. To the man’s credit, he seemed to be cooperating as his friends led him to the water’s edge. Maybe next time, he’ll have the satisfaction of pushing someone else in.

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