NFL schedule 2022 release start time, channel and live updates: Week 1 matchups, strength of schedule and analysis

I used 2022 Vegas win totals to answer tackle this topic two ways.

The first way involves simply ranking each team by the Vegas Win totals for its 17th opponent. If we do that, the ranking comes out this way, from the toughest to easiest:

1) Chiefs opponent: Buccaneers (11.5 wins)

2) Rams opponent: Bills (11.5 wins)

3) Titans opponent: Packers (11 wins)

4) Bills opponent: Rams (10.5 wins)

4) Buccaneers opponent: Chiefs (10.5 wins)

4) Bengals opponent: Cowboys (10.5 wins)

7) Cowboys opponent: Bengals (10 wins)

7) Dolphins opponent: 49ers (10 wins)

7) Panthers opponent: Broncos (10 wins)

7) Falcons opponent: Chargers (10 wins)

11) Packers opponent: Titans (9.5 wins)

11) Vikings opponent: Colts (9.5 wins)

11) Giants opponent: Ravens (9.5 wins)

14) 49ers opponent: Dolphins (9 wins)

14) Colts opponent: Vikings (9 wins)

14) Patriots opponent: Cardinals (9 wins)

17) Cardinals opponent: Patriots (8.5 wins)

17) Saints opponent: Raiders (8.5 wins)

17) Steelers opponent: Eagles (8.5 wins)

20) Raiders opponent: Saints (8 wins)

20) Commanders Opponent: Browns (8 wins)

22) Eagles opponent: Steelers (7.5 wins)

22) Browns opponent: Commanders (7.5 wins)

24) Ravens opponent: Giants (7 wins)

25) Jaguars opponent: Lions (6.5 wins)

25) Texans opponent: Bears (6.5 wins)

27) Broncos opponent: Panthers (6 wins)

27) Lions opponent: Jaguars (6 wins)

29) Jets opponent: Seahawks (5.5 wins)

29) Seahawks opponent: Jets (5.5 wins)

31) Chargers opponent: Falcons (5 wins)

32) Bears opponent: Texans (4.5 wins)

The other way I calculated this was by measuring the gap between each team’s Vegas win total and its 17th opponent’s total. For example, Vegas has the Chargers with a 10-win total, compared to a five-win total for their 17th opponent, the Falcons. The five-win gap between those figures is the largest in the NFL. The gap between the Broncos (10-win total) and their 17th opponent, the Panthers (six-win total), is the second-largest. The gap between the Ravens (9.5 wins) and the Giants (seven wins) is the third-largest disparity.

Although the Chargers, Broncos and Ravens have it best in this regard, their opponents in these games – the Falcons, Panthers and Giants – have it worse.

Note: Vegas does not list a win for the Browns because Deshaun Watson could be suspended for part or all of the season. I plugged in eight wins for the Browns when making these calculations.

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