NFL Draft 2022: Eagles grades roundup

The Eagles entered the 2022 NFL Draft with 10 picks.

They go away with five rookies, one Pro Bowl receiver and impressive marksman from draft graders around the country.

As a reminder, here’s a look at the Eagles’ draft class of 2022:

1-13: Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia
2-51: Cam Jurgens, C, Nebraska
3-83: Nakobe Dean, LB, Georgia
6-181: Kyron Johnson, LB, Kansas
6-198: Grant Calcaterra, TE, SMU

“As we know it’s an adjustment coming from college football to the NFL,” Eagles GM Howie Roseman said, “But I think just if you could have even said that to me, I was just thinking about it after the draft, if you had said to me that a week ago, this would have been the players that we got, I would have said, ‘What picks do we have to use in the future to get those guys?’ “

In addition to those five players, the Eagles were able to acquire veteran receiver AJ Brown for No. 18 and No. 101 in this class. And you still have to factor in the extra first-round pick the Eagles got in a trade with the Saints earlier in April.

With all that in mind, the Eagles got a ton of high marks from this weekend:

The Sporting News: A +

“The Eagles get bonus points for Howie Roseman pulling off the trade for young AJ Brown to help Jalen Hurts stretch the field and provide a big-play complement to all-around 2021 first-rounder DeVonta Smith. Philadelphia converted its first-round volume. Georgia picks Davis and Dean into immediate effect with immense impact: Jurgens was a mild reach, but he could end up starting somewhere inside soon. “

Sports Illustrated: A +

“We’re just giving out two A-plusses in this draft, so kudos to the Eagles for netting one of them. Obviously, the AJ Brown trade should be factored into this haul. While teams were jockeying over unproven talent, the Eagles went Jurgens, selected by the long-time center of blessing Jason Kelce, is a clone of the legendary Eagles center. From tape this year and watch Jurgens fly off the ball to some athletic pulling maneuver, or a screen pass on the whip downfield, there’s a reason Kelce has been able to thrive for a sixth-round pick as long as he has, and Jurgens Davis was one of our favorite players in this draft and, paired with Fletcher Cox for at least one season, makes for a formidable inside-rush tandem that will haunt the quarterbacks of the NFC East.

“Dean is worth a flier with the Eagles not really suited for taking risks at the moment. The Georgia linebacker dropped in the draft, reportedly because of a handful of injuries that he denies are serious. We’ve seen other players, such as Myles. Jack, drop for similar reasons and go on to have successful careers. Dean is agile and, despite being on the smaller side, makes up for his lack of heft with some noticeable smarts. While having nothing to do with the All-Star cast in front of him. “ A.

“The Eagles pulled off an excellent draft, making great trades with the Colts (last year’s Carson Wentz deal) and Saints (acquiring future picks) before the event even started. They secured a beast on the defensive line to improve their run defense. Achievers veteran AJ Brown from the Titans to bolster the receiver group, secured a future starting center in Jurgens and put aside Dean’s medical issues to bring in the top-50 talent in the third round.

Adding another linebacker to Johnson was a bit of a surprise; he was a good spot in the draft and he could be a good Sam. Calcaterra temporarily gave up football because of concussions while Oklahoma but proved his pass-catching skills at SMU; He’ll be a valuable backup or better in the NFL. “

The Washington Post: A

“This was really good. It’s almost impossible, by definition, to emerge from a draft with a wide receiver proven to be Pro Bowl quality. But that’s what the Eagles managed to do with Thursday’s trade for AJ Brown. It cost them a The big contract but the Eagles didn’t buy into the draft at certain level. healthy. “

ProFootballFocus: A

“The Eagles came into the draft with multiple first-round picks and used one of them on a veteran player, trading with Tennessee for superstar wide receiver AJ Brown and giving him the contract extension of the Titans.

“His other pick was spent on monster defensive tackle Jordan Davis. There have been concerns about Davis’ ability to play a high volume snaps, but there are so many things to love about what the 341-pounder can bring to Philadelphia’s defense.” Can single-handedly change the way a defense operates against the run, allowing the Eagles to devote more resources to coverage and create more third-and-long situations. And Davis’ rare athleticism at his size points to the idea that he is not just an Early-down run-stuffer. He represents the future at the position, with Fletcher Cox trending in the wrong direction the past few years. “

USA Today Sports:

“The extent to which you’re all in on this draft has a lot to do with your view of Jordan Davis’ NFL potential. If you think he’s stuck as a two-down run-plugger, you’re likely to be put off by a. 13th overall pick here. But if, like me, you study what Davis was to do in Georgia’s defense (hold the point more than pressure), and you’re not worried about weight and effort stuff, and you see the flashes of Against the total disruption the NCAA has to offer, you might think the Eagles got even more pass-rushing potential with Vita Vea.

“As Jurgens, the athletic nebraska center, Jason Kelce has already taken his rookie under his wing, and even suggested to the Eagles that they select his eventual replacement. Jurgens will lose strength battles (like Kelce), but also like Kelce, he’s A tough, smart blocker who can run any kind of zone you want, and also beat people up at the second and that level.

“And to get Nakobe Dean, Davis’ past and future teammate, where they did? Well, Dean had first-round tape and third-round medicals. It’s a bit of a risk, but if healthy, Dean can solve most of the Eagles. Grant Calcaterra is a sneaky-good tight end who can excel in this offense.

“Given the future draft capital they got from the Saints pre-draft, it’s hard to dislike where the Eagles went, especially if Dean pans out.”

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