New Pavilion gets the seal of approval from past Farndon cricket club chairman

After nearly 50 years and many fond memories for past and present players, Farndon Cricket Club has begun construction on their new pavilion.

Keith Helliwell was the club chairman back in 1973 when the original structure was instituted.

He said the plans for the new pavilion were exciting.

Now in his mid-nineties, Keith remembers when the original Pavillion was bought onto the grounds.

Image by Rob Currell. (59391820)
Image by Rob Currell.  (59391816)
Image by Rob Currell. (59391816)

“Three of my brothers and myself, along with many others, helped organize the original pavilion,” Keith said as he stood in front of the building.

“My brother Ron acquired this building from Nottingham.”

Keith has lived in Farndon for most of his life and still lives in the village.

He said he was happy to be there on the mementos occasion where they were breaking ground on the new project.

Image by Rob Currell.  (59391719)
Image by Rob Currell. (59391719)
Image: Rob Currell (59392967)
Image: Rob Currell (59392967)

Local companies have helped with the construction, pitching in with the work, including the firm William Saunders, Pulse Consult and Vaughndale Construction.

“It is not often you get to work on a project so close to home, with such local interest,” said chartered engineer and William Saunders partner Neil Connett.

“William Saunders are delighted to be working alongside Farndon Cricket Club in developing their new pavilion as their Architect, Principal Designer and Engineers.

“With the project underway and steelwork being erected over the next couple of weeks, it will be great to see the pavilion take shape and ultimately be used and enjoyed by the local community.”

Current Farndon club chairman Mark Everington had the idea for the new pavilion around six years ago.

Image by Rob Currell (59402448)
Image by Rob Currell (59402448)
Local children looking at the machinery.  Image supplied by Shannon Storey
Local children looking at the machinery. Image supplied by Shannon Storey

“There has been a lot of work behind the scenes and the whole club is excited for the future,” said Everington.

“We are very fortunate to be in the position where we can have such a magnificent new pavilion.

“The club will be eternally grateful to the people who have funded the building and enabled it to happen.”


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