NBA, NHL are seeing a simultaneous increase in scoring

NBA players, like their NHL counterparts, score a lot.

NBA players, like their NHL counterparts, score a lot.
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It seldom makes sense to link the NBA and the NHL, except that they tend to play in the same building at the same time of year. You do not really call them roommates because when one is at home the other is never. Although this may make them a perfect roommate, think about it. However, sometimes you can find something else on or off the ground / ice. Occasionally you see Charles Barkley watching the NHL playoffs while in the studio or hockey players playing outside on the pitch.

But recently a trend has spread in both winter leagues. They share something. You can not say that they ride bicycles together, as roommates tend, because this is the first time this has happened. But in both the NBA and the NHL, scoring in the spring has become a bit ridiculous. As has been the case with the past season, this is the opposite of what usually happens when teams prepare for the play-offs and start looking at the defensive details that usually clear the way.

In the NHL, the most recent results certainly bent in 1987. The Panthers, the league’s leading slot machine like a collection of lights and sounds, has played 7-6 and 7-4 games in the last week alone. Leafs and Wings played a 10-7 game a few months ago. It is normal for teams to score 5 or 6 goals every night. In accordance with Dan Rosen from, The average number of goals per game rose to 6.2 in March, and overall league scoring has reached its highest level since 1996.

In the NBA, meanwhile, the total season has dropped to 110.4 points per team per game, the lowest in five seasons. However, in November, only nine teams averaged more than 110 points per game. In December, that number reached 12. It was January 16th. February 18. It was 23 in March, with four teams averaging 120 points or more per game. Since the last “normal” season, 2018-2019, there were still many teams with an average of more than 110 points (19), but only one team in March had 120 points per game. Last year, only 12 teams averaged more than 110 points in March. Only four years ago.

And we’ve seen some sad sets lately. The Celtics scored 144 points on the Wizards on Sunday. This was in line with what the 76ers had scored against the Hornets the night before. The Wizards beat 135 in the Mavericks the night before. That night, the Clippers hit the box for 153. (Although the box bore its weight Fuck mother scalesSo you have to apologize to them.)

So what’s going on here? The only constant issue between the two leagues is tight schedules and fatigue.

For example, when the Panthers played a touchdown and PAT against the Canadiens, it was the Habs’ fourth game in six nights and the fourteenth of their 15 games in March. Habs are definitely bad, but that’s too much for any team. This was their 15th and 16th games since March 1, when the Devils lost eight games in a row to the Bruins and then gave another touchdown to the Cats.

And it’s not just the low feeders that step on their tongues. Lightning has scored 11 goals in the last two games against the Canadians and Leafs, and this is their 17th and 18th game since March 1. The Oilers played their 16th game for the Ducks since the start of March, on the sixth Sunday.

There is not much difference in the NBA. When Box dropped the 153, it was their 15th game in a month. They only played 11 games in January and 13 in February. When the Wizards reached the Celtics with 144 coughs, it was their sixth game in nine days after 18 games in March. It was their 15th game in a month when the Hornets handed over the 144 to the Sixers. We see this up and down in both leagues.

Approaching the playoffs, strengthening your defense looks great. But defense is more about effort and desire. It is much easier for players to burn their energy reserves in an effort to score goals than to convince themselves to enter another shooting line, either to tie a stick, or to fight on a screen, or to close and recover. In the NHL, some teams played until July. Lightning scored 3.00 goals per game in March, up 11 percent from averaging 2.72 goals before the start of March. As you know, hubs are terrible. In his last five games, Box has not been able to keep his opponent below 115 points.

If you are interested in playoff games, it is a good omen for playoff games NBA Jam Or Beat the iceThings like most of us are. This is not good news for Bucks or Lightning, unless they have emergency tanks that they can hit. But hey, we’re all here for 7 6-5 or 129-126, aren’t we?

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