NBA Fans Freak Out Looking At Nikola Jokic’s Super Realistic Face In NBA 2K23: “Great, Now I Can’t Sleep.”

Nikola Jokic has enjoyed great individual success throughout his last 2 NBA campaigns. The Nuggets superstar is now a back-to-back MVP. Although team success has evaded the Joker thanks to various injuries to Nuggets players, they are primed to make some waves, with Jokic aiming to lead the team to some playoff success next season.

Even individual success has its perks, though. While some argue that Jokic did not deserve the MVP, most acknowledge that the Serbian has shown true greatness these past two seasons. And that means his stats in NBA 2K are sure to be through the roof.

But one place where it has gone a little wrong is the animation of Jokic’s face in NBA 2K23, something that has also happened to other players. . The hyper-realistic technology has seemingly given him a bit of a crazed look, and many fans have been vocal about how creepy it is to look at.

“Great, now I can’t sleep.”

“Welcome to the uncanny valley, folks.”

“This can’t be real.”

“Bro the actual Joker now.”

“No way he actually looks like that in the game.”

“This kinda creepy ngl lol.”

“Don’t care current gen gonna look the same like it has for the last couple of years.”

“Y’all knew what you were doing posting this at night.”

“Thanks for the nightmares.”

“All these face creations look like they’re on crack.”

“Bruh. I thought this was real wtf.”

Trying to hard with the Joker thing ….smh.”

There is a point where faces get too realistic in animation in the weirdest ways. In this case, it’s hard to tell if this face is how Jokic will look exactly in the game, but if it is, it falls in the creepy category. As animation improves, perhaps the minor details will be fixed, but until then, some more uncannily weird faces could pop up from time to time.

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