MSSU soccer builds chemistry ahead of first season under coach Boswell

Southern soccer enters first year under new head coach Sadè Boswell

JOPLIN, Mo. – This offseason is an important time for Missouri Southern women’s soccer. The Lions are under new leadership and they’re focusing on building relationships and chemistry ahead of the fall season.

“I think once I have their trust and confidence, they’ll work harder for me and sacrifice for me and they’ll sacrifice for their teammates too,” says Missouri Southern head coach Sadè Boswell. “Building that relationship with them early, rather than once the preseason hits, is much better.”

This week, Missouri Southern is hosting a youth camp run by Boswell and a few players. It’s one of the many offseason opportunities that athletes and Boswell have to get to know one another.

“We had a camp last week and a few different players came out and we had lunch in between the day and we talked about things outside of soccer,” Boswell says. “We talked about their high school experience and just getting to know them and also them getting to know me. I think once they gauge my personality, they’ll get a better understanding of who I am as a person and understand that when I’m being hard on them, it’s for their benefit. “

“It was a bit of an adjustment period, but from there, it’s been pretty smooth sailing,” says sophomore Maya Greenquist. “We got a lot of work done this spring. We did a lot of community service and did some team bonding. We played with some puppies at the humane society and that was really fun. ”

“I want to be perceived as someone who is structured, who actually pushes them and keeps them dedicated, while also having them understand that I care about them,” Boswell says. “I care about their enjoyment of the game and I care about their four years or however many years of experience they get playing at Missouri Southern. I want to build a team that knows how to work hard but also still has passion and loves the game. ”

Boswell was hired in January of 2022, marking the beginning of a new chapter for Missouri Southern women’s soccer.

“She’s got big goals,” Greenquist says. “We’re ready for that. She wants us to play hard, do our best, work out some bad habits and go from there. In my view, I think this next year will be probably a really good year and then the years after that will just build on top. I see a pretty bright future for us. ”

“There are some tweaks to the way they play and the mindset and the chemistry that can definitely help us be more successful going forward,” Boswell says. “They’re talented, they’re young, they’re hungry. They want to be better and it’s exciting to see that. ”

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