Moving the Raiders to St. Louis Louis was something the NFL actually considered in 2014, per report

The Raiders have been in Las Vegas for two full seasons, but if the NFL had gone through an idea that was floated in 2014, the Raiders would never have made it to Vegas and that would have ended up in St. Louis. Louis.

That wild piece of information was one of the many things that came to light over the past week. Louis Post-Dispatch was able to obtain many court records from the lawsuit between the city’s St. Louis and the NFL. In the lawsuit, the league agreed to a payout of $ 790 million in a settlement that was reached with the city back in November.

The lawsuit was filed by the Rams’ decision to leave St. Louis. According to the court documents, it became quite clear that the Rams were privately making plans to leave St. Louis in 2013 even though they were publicly saying they wanted to stay. In January 2014, Rams owner Stan Kroenke Purchased a giant chunk of land in Los Angeles, which is where SoFi Stadium will eventually be built. At the time of the purchase, Kroenke insisted that the land was not being built for a stadium.

Even though the NFL wasn’t publicly admitting it, it was pretty obvious that the Rams were going to leave St. Louis. To keep fans in St. Louis Louis happy, the NFL came up with a wild plan: Move the Raiders there.

From the Post-Dispatch, “The league is indeed contemplated, at one point, the Raiders are moving to St. Louis, with restructured ownership and a brand makeover.”

That information comes from court documents that the NFL likely never thought would see the light of day. Not only is it crazy that the league thought about moving to the Raiders. Louis, but it’s just as crazy that they wanted to do it with a “restructured ownership.” It doesn’t exactly mean what that means, but it does insinuate the NFL would have wanted someone besides Mark Davis in charge.

Of course, the craziest idea would be to do a brand makeover for the Raiders, who are one of the most iconic brands in not just the NFL, but all of sports.

It’s not clear why the NFL shied away from the Raiders to move on. Louis, but it might have been because Davis wanted nothing to do with it. In March 2016, when Davis was still trying to get a new stadium in Oakland, he asked about the possibility of moving to St. Louis. Louis and he vehemently shot down the idea.

“It’s just the Raider brand is a different brand, I believe and I just don’t believe St. Louis would maximize it,” Davis said at the time, via the Post-Dispatch. “I just don’t feel it in my heart that is where the Raiders are gonna be. Wherever we put this stadium, it’s gonna be for the rest of my life. And I just want it to be in the right place.”

At the time of this comment, Davis was willing to move his team to pretty much any city that would have been willing to build him a stadium, well, except for St. Louis.

In the end, the Raiders moved to Las Vegas, the Rams moved to Los Angeles and the NFL got stuck footing a $ 790 million court settlement for the St. Louis.

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