More Commander Scandals, Eagles-Saints trade and more

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Washington commanders continue to make headlines for all the wrong reasons, following allegations that the franchise was withholding ticket revenue from the NFL’s revenue sharing program between its 32 clubs. This is just another day in Don Snyder’s Washington.

Charles Robinson Welcome to Yahoo !. Frank Schwab On the podcast, ending the episode with these latest allegations and why such financial mismanagement could somehow happen, eventually, is probably the thing that compels Snyder to sell the team.

Next, Charles and Frank talk about some of the comments the New England Patriots Owner teams have in recent draft seasons and accomplishments (or lack thereof) in the draft. Is he firing on Coach Bill Belichick? And what kind of success should the Patriots expect after an incredible 20-year run under Tom Brady? (18:30)

Later, people are talking about the epic trade between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New Orleans Saints as they changed today’s future draft picks. Why are the Sets stocked in 2022 while the Eagles are taking a long look and looking forward to the draft 2023 and 2024? (35:20)

Then, Charles and Frank discussed ballooning salaries for major receivers, as AJ Brown, DK Metal and Debbie Samuel would all likely sign a Land Monster next year. Should teams like the Seattle Seahawks rebuild if skill players have to pay big salaries while their QB position remains a big question mark? (43:25)

Finally, people are kicking off the show at Jim Harbaugh by stopping Colin Kaepernick during the Michigan Wolverines’ spring game this past weekend. Did it appear like Sui would return to Kaepernick to the NFL? (54:00)

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The Washington Commander is involved in another scandal following allegations of financial injustice over the league’s Revenue Sharing program. (Photo by Rob Carr / Getty Images)

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