Monty Williams Suggests Safety Change After Incident Involving Chris Paul’s Family

As a former player and current member of an elite fraternity of NBA coaches, Monty Williams has a vested interest in the safety of his players and their families, especially when it pertains to his team.

The Suns coach and 2021-22 NBA Coach of the Year said Monday he would like to see teams around the league provide a reserved section for the families of visiting teams after two fans were removed from Sunday’s Game 4 in Dallas for accosting the family of Chris Paul.

“It’s a hard one, because it’s happening more and more,” Williams said Monday, per ESPN. “The situations are getting to a place now where I really feel like families, who are there to support their loved ones, need to be protected a bit more. Whether or not we have to give these people a section, a suite, something has to be done.


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