MLHS boys soccer takes a difference in weekend games

MOSES ELIKE – The Moses Lake High School boys’ soccer team split last week with a win over Othello High School and a loss to Lake Stevens High School.

“What really strikes me (this season) is the excitement that the game has brought (to everyone involved) in the short time we have been playing this past month,” said Moses Lake High School boys. soccer coach Derrick Gonzales.

On Thursday, Moses Lake clashed with Othello who is not in the Lions Field team.

The first half saw so many chances missed by Moses Lake, that they didn’t get a single point on the board. Othello grabbed another, leading 2-1 in the semifinals.

Moses Lake, however, is back in the second half ready to fight. Chiefs managed to get two while holding Othello in the back. Gonzales said one of his team’s goals was to deflect the keeper after Othello’s keeper was able to stop the ball.

Moses Lake took the game 2-1.

The second home game, on Saturday, caused Moses Lake to fall into Lake Stevens 1-3.

Gonzales said he thinks the strength of his team is the way it is united. He said young athletes have kept to a high standard and as a result, they are also competing in those standards. He explained that, by being responsible, dedicated and self-aware, they are able to see together the common goal and do what is necessary to achieve that goal as a team.

The team’s record after a 3-4 split total, though Gonzales said the team is focused on enjoying the season without their record.

“And the other thing is that we are happy, and I think that is a great strength. That we enjoy being together and playing and taking whatever we come up with, ”said Gonzales

Moses Lake next meets Sunnyside High School at 7 p.m. Tuesday at Lions Field.

Gonzales noted that the team’s main goal is to make it clear this year.

“I remind the players every day when they wake up in the morning, they have to ask themselves what they will do each day to get us into the first round of the country,” said Gonzales. “That’s what we shoot now every day.”

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