MLB confirmed Yankees and Mets didn’t collude for free agent Aaron Judge

BILLIONhe topic of Aaron Judge’s free agency is a delicate one right now, especially with the recent news of the Yankees and Mets’ meaningful collusion. To those who don’t know, the MLB strictly forbids any ball club frmo speaking to any media outlet about free agents. Doing so can result in a massive sanction for the involved club and Aaron Judge has been the talk of the town because he is a free agent. The slugger just won the American League MVP awardwhich makes him an even bigger luxury for any team he chooses to play for next.

While the Yankees remain as one of the options, they also can’t discuss anything related to Judge with any members of the press. Recent articles from outlets that are familiar with the Yankeeds and the Mets have talked about Judge. However, these articles only insinuated there could be direct contact with the player. It was obvious that the MLB Players Association would demand answers and a proper investigation from the MLB.

The MLB investigation on Judge has concluded

According to reports, the MLB politely requested records to both teams of any phone calls and emails that could’ve incriminated any of both organizations. After a thorough investigation, the MLB spoke to a news outlet about their findings. This outlet was none other than TIME Magazine, who are in great terms with the league and often get exclusives from them. Both Yankees and Mets fans will be happy to hear there was no collusion found in the investigations.

Before the investigation took place, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred spoke to other media outlets about the situation. He was confident the investigations wouldn’t find any evidence of collusion. After that, TIME spoke to a senoir MLB executive about the investigations. This is what the exec said: “We’ve completed our investigation. And we’ve notified the MLBPA that there is no basis for any claim of collusion.”

Now that all that is out of the way, Aaron Judge can resume his dealings with other ball clubs without any possible consequences. It was recently reported he made a trip to San Francisco to meet with the Giants over a potential move to the bay area. However, nothing has been revealed of the meeting yet. The New York Yankees remain confident they have what it takes to convince Aaron Judge to stay with the club. Let’s wait and see what happens.


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