“Me dedicó una carta”: Carlos Sainz made a confession about his relationship with another pilot in Red Bull

One of the news prior to the beginning of the summer break of the main category of motoring was the confirmation of Sebastian Vettel’s retirement. The four-time champion of the world confirmed that he will not continue on the grid for the upcoming season. En ese sentido, hay que standar una anécdota de Carlos Sainzwho was formed by the team where the German pilot reached his glory.

Vettel was the protagonist of a hegemony that lasted from 2010 to 2014 in Formula 1. At the time of his departure from Red Bull, Carlos Sainz era piloto de pruebas. Fue asi como el piloto madrileño se refirió a un episodeo que marcó su perspective en cuanto al multichampeón alemán.

Vettel suma 53 triunfos en la Fórmula 1

Carlos Sainz es actual piloto de Ferrari y marcha quinto en el mundial de pilotos. In addition, he won his first victory in Fórmula 1 in the last Gran Premio de Gran Bretaña. That’s how the Spanish pilot highlighted the anecdote in which Sebastian Vettel sent him a letter.


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