Matt Hardy Reflects On The First Championship Scramble Match In WWE History

Speaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcastMatt Hardy looked back on the first Championship Scramble match in WWE history that took place at WWE Unforgiven 2008. It featured Mark Henry, The Miz, Chavo Guerrero, and Hardy Finlay.

The ECW, World Heavyweight, and WWE Titles were on the line in three Championship Scramble matches that were part of the event’s schedule. Hardy took part in the opening contest for the ECW Championship. Five contestants squared off for 20 minutes as required by the contest’s rules, during which time they entered the arena every five minutes.

Whoever held the title at the end of the match would officially win the championship. The competitors had the option to make their opponents the temporary champion by pinning them or forcing them to submit.

“It was tricky. I remember it was very, very difficult. There’d never been one before, so we were kind of breaking new ground. We were the first Scramble Match. By the way, Matt Fact: Matt won the first Scramble Match in WWE history. It was tricky, it was an interesting concept, and I dug the fact that they tried something out of the box. They were trying something new and something different. But it was cool, and my favorite part of that match was that, if I’m not mistaken, after I got that last pinfall where I was the current champion or whatever, I remember I kept breaking up every single near fall that happened after that for like three minutes. It was a sprint [laughs]. I remember being so winded towards the end of that because it was an absolute sprint. I said like I want you guys to cover, cover, cover, over. I just want to be trying to save my ass the whole while,” Hardy said.

Quotes via Fightful

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