Machine Learning Toolkit Pwned From Christmas To New Year – Naked Security

PyTorch is one of the most popular and widely-used machine learning toolkits out there.

(We’re not going to be drawn on where it sits on the artificial intelligence leaderboard – as with many widely-used open source tools in a competitive field, the answer seems to depend on whom you ask, and which toolkit they happen to use themselves.)

Originally developed and released as an open-source project by Facebook, now Meta, the software was handed over to the Linux Foundation in late 2022, which now runs it under the aegis of the PyTorch Foundation.

Unfortunately, the project was compromised by means of a supply-chain attack during the holiday season at the end of 2022, between Christmas Day [2022-12-25] and the day before New Year’s Eve [2022-12-30].

The attackers malevolently created a Python package called torchtriton on PyPI, the popular Python Package Index repository.

The name torchtriton was chosen so it would match the name of a package in the PyTorch system itself, leading to a dangerous situation explained by the PyTorch team (our emphasis) as follows:

[A] malicious dependency package (torchtriton) […] was uploaded to the Python Package Index (PyPI) code repository with the same package name as the one we ship on the PyTorch nightly package index. Since the PyPI index takes precedence, this malicious package was being installed instead of the version from our official repository. This design enables somebody to register a package by the same name as one that exists in a third party index, and pip will install their version by default.

The program pipby the way, used to be known as pyinstalland is apparently a recursive joke that’s short for pip installs packages. Despite its original name, it’s not for installing Python itself – it’s the standard way for Python users to manage software libraries and applications that are written in Python, such as PyTorch and many other popular tools.


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