Lando Norris calls for Spa to remain on the F1 calendar

Lando Norris says the Belgian Grand Prix should remain on the F1 calendar for as long as the sport is around.

The summer break comes to an end at the end of this week with the Belgian Grand Prix returning for another year, although there are concerns over its long-term future in the sport.

Indeed, its current contract is up this year and with no new deal agreed between the track’s organization team and Formula 1, there’s a very real possibility we could see it drop off the calendar for 2023.

Of course, we have had Spa missing before with the mid-00s seeing the track drop away for a few years but it was sorely missed throughout that period, and would be again by drivers, teams and the fans with it one of the most iconic race tracks in the world.

However, due to F1’s surge in growth and popularity, more and more venues are interested in hosting a Grand Prix, and with the likes of Saudi Arabia, Miami and Qatar all willing to pay mega-bucks, the more traditional venues are under threat.

Norris, though, when asked about the idea of ​​Spa dropping off, had this to say:

“I’ll be sad.”

“I guess a lot of things are just about money nowadays, which is the issue. It’s a business.

“It’s a historic race for Formula 1. It’s the same as Monaco, from what I know they don’t even pay and it’s on the calendar.

“Same with like Monza and stuff. I feel it should always be on for as long as Formula 1 is around.”

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