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Rain fell at AR TouVelle Stadium throughout the second half, two extra times and 20 penalty kicks during the Mississippi Athletic Conference girls’ soccer match between Bettendorf and North Scott.

But North Scott goalkeeper Natalie Knepper did not bother to get a little wet.

His Lancers upset Bettendorf in ninth place on a penalty kick 2-1, earning their first win of the season.

“It’s very valuable,” said Knepper, wet from the rain and sweating. “It is very rewarding to come out victorious in the end. It doesn’t matter at all. ”

Knepper made 10 wins in the win, but none of that was greater when he stopped Bettendorf’s Jordan Martens in the 10th Bulldogs to kick a penalty kick. Paige Copp of North Scott then converted his shot to lift the Lancers (1-2, 1-0 MAC) to victory.

“Natalie is off,” said North Scott head coach Dion Ayers. “I was very happy because he had the money to complete it. It will build her confidence. ”

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The two teams had no points until the 61st minute, when Kendall Knisley of North Scott took a direct kick 40 yards out. The ball went out of the hands of Bettendorf goalkeeper Tori Rivera, and Reese Hilsenbeck scored in the second game.

Bettendorf (2-1, 1-1 MAC) tied the game with just two minutes left in the match, after which they received five assists in extra time, only to watch Knepper beat them all.

Knisley scored the only goal of the game in the second half, but after 100 minutes of play, the two teams were still tied 1-1.

Both teams made four out of five penalties, with Rivera retaining the Bulldogs. Then the game went on, the players of each team marching to kick.

“It really shocked me,” Knepper said. “I was talking to another keeper and we were happy. It’s really hard to be a keeper. You only get one chance, and you have to give up one. It just had to be one. ”

After losing their first two games of the season with three combined goals, the Lancers secured their first win of the year.

“One thing is always the case in Lancer football,” said Ayers. And we didn’t have our first two games this year against the Illinois schools. And we had to have it tonight against Bettendorf. “

The Lancers have completed five losing games for Bettendorf. North Scott was defeated by the Bulldogs 9-1 at home last spring.

“Last year it wasn’t too hot for us, so we knew we had to play our hearts out,” said Knepper. Everyone on the pitch played their hearts out, and that’s how we won.

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