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DADU: Floodwaters are constantly and rapidly receding in different parts of Dadu district as a result of the Sept 4 official ‘relief cut’ — applied at the RD-14 dyke to ease the immense pressure on Manchhar Lake – and many breaches in canals and tributaries. However, the worst-ever flooding in Khairpur Nathan Shah, Bhan Syedabad, Johi and certain other parts of the district is yet to show any sign of normal life to be restored in the near future.

Facts collected from different areas of the district suggest that Khairpur Nathan Shah town is still under eight-foot deep water although floodwaters had receded by four feet over the last few days.

Under the supervision of district administration, laborers with the help of desperate local residents, widened the breach of Johi branch dyke at Kali Mori.

Dadu Deputy Commissioner Syed Murtaza Ali Shah told this reporter on Friday that the cut was widened in order to quickly drain out floodwaters from KN Shah. He said the vast areas adjacent to the town were also surrounded by as much high floodwaters.

The horrific situation in the town had developed on August 31 after huge deluges caused breaches in Suprio bund near Gozo, a small settlement in KN Shah. Gozo was also heavily flooded.

The water level of Manchhar Lake has also dropped significantly. It was recorded at 119.75RL on Friday, almost three feet below the danger level, according to irrigation engineer Mahesh Kumar.

Meanwhile, Mehar Assistant Commissioner Mohsin Shaikh has said that seven-foot high floodwaters were standing in all villages around this[Mehar)talukaevenaftertheleveldroppedbyfourfeetinrecentdays[Mehar)talukaevenaftertheleveldroppedbyfourfeetinrecentdays

Another report from Johi said that pressure of floodwaters at ‘ring bund’ had eased to a great extent but land route between Johi and Dadu remained cut off by floodwaters.

People were using boats to shuttle between Dadu and flooded towns to provide food, water and other necessities of life to their marooned families and relatives.

A number of families trapped by floodwaters around Mehar held a demonstration at Ghanta Ghar Chowk for relief goods. They said they badly needed medical assistance and medicines for their near and dear ones suffering from different diseases.

Dr Khalil Sikandar Kunharo, a resident of KN Shah, while leading local residents in widening the Kali Mori breach, revealed that around 3,000 men, women and children were present in their houses in the town and staying in upper storeys or on the rooftops. They had chosen not to leave the town when it was hit by flood, said the doctor.

Sindh United Party (SUP) president Syed Zain Shah on Friday visited KN Shah to distribute relief goods among affected people at Kali Mori.

Riding a boat along with other party leaders to assess the situation, Mr Shah remarked that KN Shah and Gozo were deliberately drowned by certain influential landlords to protect their own lands and crops.

Published in Dawn, September 24th, 2022

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