Kilgore Boys football teams have been arrested for the first time since 2019 |

KILGORE, TEXAS (KETK) – The Kilgore Bulldogs were fighting the Palestine Wildcats last Friday night, matchup to the penalty spot, and when the dust cleared, the dogs headed for the regional tournament.

Says Adrain Estrella: “Stand still and don’t let them defend themselves or do anything like that and let them go.”

“They played a very good game but we also played as much as we could, it was a very difficult game… I am proud of my team and how well we performed under pressure,” added Anthony Salinas.

Kilgore felt that they were hesitant to go to their game with the wildcats, but the Bulldogs let their game speak.

Estrella adds: “I did not care what other people said, just sit here and do our thing as I told them to do, and we did not have to say anything.

The Bulldogs are making their way to the region for the first time since 2019 and the players are thrilled with the opportunity.

“I’m happy man you know, it takes a game at a time, just training hard here doing our thing and I’m happy,” Estrella smiled.

“As I am happy, they are doubly happy, they have worked hard and they are doing well and they are a great team of guys,” he told head coach Tom Wait.

Coach Tom Wait preaches confidence because most of his team did not do this in the final.

“We have received our right to be where we are because we have wounds in battle and we are learning to walk that has been good,” added Wait.

“It’s pure motive, you tell us as Adrian said open your arms, take one game at a time and don’t be overconfident but know you deserve to be in this place,” Salinas exclaimed.

Now the Bulldogs are focusing their attention on their local opponent, Celina.

“Tell you what, football management, we have to control the ball, we have to suffer a little bit with Palestine because it is a team with a lot of pressure and football control is good. So second place takes your chances, we will try to use our chances as early as we can and as soon as possible and keep the three out and keep them away from the goal, ”explained Coach Wait.

Kilgore fires Celina Friday at 11 a.m. in Tyler.

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