Joe Rogan criticizes transgender athletes in women’s sports, Leah Thomas in swimming

Joe Rogan made strong comments about transgender athletes while American swimmer Leah Thomas continues to provoke debate.

Thomas, who competes at the University of Pennsylvania, became the first transgender athlete to win the National Academic Athletics Association (NCAA) title last month, when she was the first to touch the wall in the 500-yard freestyle final.

The swimmer competed at the college level as a man before he crossed over and competed against women. Thomas was allowed to compete this season because she has been taking testosterone therapy for more than a year and was declared qualified to compete in this year’s Ivy League championship because the conditions for qualifying are now left to individual sports.

Thomas’ recent dominance in the pool, which includes record performances, has created a lot of controversy, and Rogan believes that it is not fair for transgender athletes to compete against cousin women.

A UFC commentator called it an “attack on women’s sports” and aimed to “awaken” society.

“It could be an awakened straw that breaks the backbone of society,” Rogan said in his very popular podcast.

“Women are so frustrated because if you – or your parents, if your daughter is competing and they are competing against trans women, it’s not fair.

“It’s not fair no matter what someone says.”

“There’s a reason we differentiate between men’s and women’s sports.”

Joe Rogan is never one to ruin his words. (Photo by Michael Schvartz / VireImage)Source: Getty Images
Lia Thomas has sparked a lot of debate. (Photo by Catherine Riley / Getty Images)Source: Getty Images

Obviously, Thomas’ case has divided opinions. Some, including several teammates, argue that she has an unfair physiological advantage and should be banned from competing, while others say she should be allowed to compete freely as a woman.

Speaking after winning her historic NCAA title, Thomas said she tried to silence the controversy surrounding her rise to dominance in swimming at the college this season.

“I’m trying to ignore it as much as I can, I’m trying to focus on my swimming, what I need to do to get ready for my races and I’m trying to block everything else,” Thomas said in March.

“I did not have many expectations from this meeting. I was happy to be here, trying to race and compete the best I could.

“The world means being here, being with two of my best friends and teammates and being able to compete.

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