JCK Fight Night 2022: Week 15 Results

The contest to win a million Yuan continues today as JCK enters its 15th week of the 2022 competition. Eight fights go down on Hainan island in China as part of the opening round of the 2022 tournament. Stay tuned here for live JCK Fight Night 22: Week 15 results.

Main Event – The Making of a Prospect

Li Jingtao vs. Teng League headlines the 15th week of JCK’s 2022 season. Teng Lige is a ten-year veteran of the Chinese MMA scene and has accumulated over forty fights in the meantime. Despite his longevity, he’s right in his prime at 29 years old and could still have his best years ahead of him. He’s a fairly well-rounded fighter that works well in the top position dropping punches.

His opponent, Li Jingtao, is a prospect in the process. At just 23 years old, he’s already fought plenty of top competition. He also made it to the JCK 2021 season semifinals but fell to a liver kick from Wang Jizheng. In this fight, he gets the chance to fight another veteran with more experience than him and show his improvement. If he can fend off the takedowns of Teng Lige, he can likely beat him on the feet and start to build some momentum as a prospect.

Co-Main Event: Mongolian Ox

There’s not many prospects out of China in the heavier weight divisions, but Wurigenbaiyar has been one of the few bright spots. Usually fighting at much heavier weight classes, he’s dropped down to welterweight for this fight. He’s a bull of a man and can take a strong punch as well, which doesn’t bode well for his opponent, Zhang Chengcheng.

Also on the card is rising flyweight Lu Zhengyongwho’s gone 8-2 in his last ten.

Stayed tuned for live JCK results below.


UFC Fight Pass (7am EST / 4am PST)

Li Jingtao vs. Teng League

Wurigenbayar vs. Zhang Chengcheng

Yang Huiyong vs. Kadeerhan Maheshati

Dabuxilatu vs. Danzhenghua Qingduojie

Wang Xuan vs. Tilihabuli Walibieke

Lee Lang vs. Zhu Pengxu

Wang Hu vs. Zheng Zhengyang

Sadier Tuerdiaji vs. Lu Zhengyong

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