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JB Gill’s children love helping out on his farm.

The popstar-turned-farmer has son Ace, seven and daughter Chiara, three, with his wife Chloe Tangney and JB revealed that their kids are already keen farmers.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, JB, 35, said: “Ace has been involved since he was very small and Chiara is great with the livestock, especially the chickens. She can go and feed them and empty out their coop all by herself. They love hanging out with me on the farm and then it gives Chloe a bit of time out. It’s great to be able to share that with them.”

And JLS singer JB admitted that the farm was a great distraction when homeschooling got too much for everyone during the COVID-19 lockdown.

He said: “We saw it most during the pandemic. Everyone was very hard hit during that period but, for us, having that space to be able to even get out for a walk. During homeschooling, which was a challenge, to be able to take 10 or 15 minutes out for a walk and then come back to it, it was nice to be able to have that.”

JB is currently working Tenderstem on ‘Suppertime Sonnets’, a podcast of Tenderstem recipes transformed into Shakespearean Sonnet form and he explained he loves to cook.

He said: “I do a lot of the cooking in my house. I love cooking, I’ve always loved cooking. My mum has always gotten me involved in cooking and being passionate about food. Of course now I’m a farmer as well so I’m incredibly passionate about fresh produce and seasonal foods and I get my own children involved in that as well.

“We’ve got the turkeys, we’ve got the pigs and the chickens but we’ve got a lot of produce now too. We’ve got an orchard. We grow apples, two types of pears and cherries. It’s incredibly important to eat seasonally where possible. In season produce tastes better, it’s readily available, you can shop locally and it’s good for the environment.”

“For me cooking has always been about having fun, expressing yourself, not feeling like you have to be perfect. Cooking is always done with a pinch of love and if you’re enjoying yourself in the kitchen, making a meal for you and your family, that’s a great way to do it.

“I know what it’s like, you’re busy, there’s a lot going on. Sometimes it can be frustrating working out what to make each day. I think this campaign can take the pressure off. Put the podcast on and just listen to me repeating the recipe to you.”

Listen to the ‘Suppertime Sonnets’ via Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/show/0AUrOF4Oi2g0mxGvuxh9op


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