Jake Paul to fight boxer with winning record in October at 185 lbs

Jake Paul says he’s planning to fight again in October, having failed in multiple attempts to fight on Aug. 6.

Paul, who failed to secure bouts with Tommy Fury due to visa issues and Hasim Rahman Jr due to everyone being a bozo in various incredible ways, says he will fight a professional boxer with a winning record, which is a shot at fellow YouTuber KSI, who will — it doesn’t matter, here’s the Tweet:

Then, it was REVEALED! to Jake Paul’s company’s account that Jake Paul has requested Jake Paul’s fight be at 185 lbs, which is an MMA weight class but not a boxing weight class, but the theory is that he’s working his way down to 175, so fine:

Paul’s Aug. 6 card was to feature the return of Amanda Serrano, but that still won’t be the case if he fights in October. Serrano has signed for a featherweight unification bout on Sept. 24 in the United Kingdom, where she’ll face Sarah Mahfoud.

This means there’s a chance he won’t be running Madison Square Garden as was the plan on Aug. 6, because Serrano being in the co-feature (billed as a double main event) was a good part of the idea that they could sell really well at MSG. With Paul and no Serrano, I still think he’d probably do fine, he’s quite famous and New York has lots of people who go to events, but it’s a bit more of a gamble.

As for an idea of ​​the opponent, I can guarantee it won’t be Rahman, it’s probably not going to be Tommy Fury because I don’t think his family’s visa problems will be squared away in two months, and from there, you know , who knows?

Paul is not going to fight some contender. Obviously. And no one should expect him to. Don’t expect someone with a lot of experience. Probably a natural 175 or even 168. Winning record. He’ll probably want someone based in the United States so there’s no travel problem.

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