Italian international revives soccer’s top debate, three records that can put Messi on top

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with their national teams

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two of the best players in the world and in the history of soccer. The debate between who’s better has been eternal and now there might be a possible conclusion to this discussion. Antonio Cassano, world cup winner and Italian international claims that Cristiano Ronaldo contacted him after he claimed Messi is better.

Cassano played with Real Madrid, Milan and Roma and won 4 titles. He claimed that Ronaldo texted him after he stated that Messi was better than him and the Portuguese was furious. Allegedly, Ronaldo wanted Cassano to ‘respect him’ and to come to terms with that claim.

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Portugal has elevated their level, but Argentina has proven to be the team to beat after taking out both Brazil and Italy to win the Copa América and Finalissima respectively. Messi has more goals and assists than Ronaldo this season and has been indisputable in his team. He’s started to recover his best self while Cristiano seems to be facing his downfall.

With the World Cup around the corner, Cristiano and Messi are looking for the eternal glory and seek the World Cup trophy that could finally settle the debate between the two. However, Messi’s chances are far greater than Ronaldo’s and not only is Messi closer to the World Cup, he’s in a better moment than Cristiano and could be a record breaker for the World Cup.

Messi’s chances to be a record breaker

What could be Messi’s last World Cup can also be his most important. Not only is he one of the most likely candidates to win this tournament, but he has many records to impose. In Qatar 2022, he will become the youngest player to reach 5 World Cup participations. He can also become the Argentine with the most games played in World Cups over Mascherano and Maradona, both with 19. If Argentina reaches the semi-finals. he could beat Mathau’s record of 25 games played for a national team, and he could be the Argentine who has worn the captain’s arm band most times above Maradona who has 16 games as the captain.


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