I’m a football referee and get invited to the pub by players – here’s why I always say no

A FOOTBALL referee has revealed why he’ll never accept an invitation from players to go for pints after a game.

Ahmed Rehan, 34, was a keen footballer until he broke his leg during a game and spent six weeks in a cast.


Referee Ahmed Rehan gets regular invitations to go for drinks after gamesCredit: tiktok.com/@thefootballreferee
He was a keen footballer before a bad injury


He was a keen footballer before a bad injuryCredit: tiktok.com/@thefootballreferee

He lost his confidence but still wanted to be on the pitch so trained up to become a referee.

Since 2009 he has been in charge of more than 800 matches, mostly adult games.

Now he’s passing on his knowledge and experience to other refs and acting as a mentor.

And he’s always eager to answer questions from fans on his social media page.

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But he admits that after a tough ninety minutes on the pitch he can’t be bothered going to a pub.

And he fears that socializing with players might make them think he’s their mate and leave him open to all kinds of crazy accusations.

On his Tiktok page, Ahmed, from Edinburgh, said: “I always refuse it.

“First of all this is my work and I don’t want to spend another hour and a half somewhere else. I would rather just get home.

“I don’t drink so I wouldn’t go to the pub with my mates let alone with some guys I’ve just refereed.”

Ahmed revealed that he is worried that building friendships with guys he has to oversee on the pitch might lead to problems.

He added: “It just opens you up for the next time you see them. You become more like mates.

“You don’t want to have that.

“You just want to referee them without this kind of bias stuff going on. It opens you up to that as well.”

Ahmed also lifted the lid on some of the frustrations that come with being a referee.

He hates it when players use his name and then the other side questions his impartiality.

Ahmed said: “It’s always the teams that are losing. They ask how the other side knows my name.

“It’s on the team sheets. I hate that. Any excuse.

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“I just play with it. The last time someone said ‘are you guys mates?’

“I just said yes, we just had a sleepover at so and so’s house. They didn’t like it.”

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