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Summer vacation and ice cream. Two things that go hand in hand

With the weather heating up during the harsh summer temperatures, nothing beats having a frozen treat like ice cream to help fight off the heat. But what exactly is the best ice cream? With so many different flavors and options to choose from, it can be overwhelming in deciding what to pick. Lactose intolerant people beware, as here is a list of the top 5 most popular ice cream flavors as voted on by Oklahoma State students and social media!

# 5 Rocky Road

This blend of chocolate, almonds and marshmallows makes rocky road the “Swiss Army Knife” of ice creams. There is something here for everyone inside this classic flavor, but those with a nut allergy may find themselves on the outside looking in. It is a staple of ice cream flavors, and more often than not if a place serves ice cream, a scoop of rocky road can be found.

# 4 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Want dessert but can’t decide between a cookie or ice cream? Try both! Chocolate chip cookie dough takes plain vanilla ice cream and jam packs it with chocolate chips and cookie dough. It creates a strong flavor that many people with a sweet tooth can get behind. Eating this ice cream is practically eating cookie dough straight out of the bowl, except this time it is absolutely encouraged.

# 3 Chocolate

This is about as vanilla as it gets… but it’s chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is exactly what it sounds like. It is ice cream that tastes like chocolate. It is so simple, yet there is a reason that it works so well. Chocolate ice cream can be used as a perfect base for other flavors, like Rocky Road, but as shown by its popularity, it knows how to stand on its own. The creaminess of the chocolate combined with well… ice cream is an obvious pairing for a summertime classic.

# 2 Mint Chocolate Chip

Most people do not think about mint when thinking about ice cream, but mint chocolate chip changed the game. While chocolate chip cookie dough is geared towards those with a strong sweet tooth, mint chocolate chip caters to those wanting something sweet, yet not overbearing. It is a more sophisticated type of ice cream, and the cool mint flavor of the ice cream with the dark chocolate chips inside of it merge together to create a unique but tasty ice cream experience.

# 1 Cookies and Cream

Cookies and cream won the vote by a landslide. Almost doubling the number of votes that Mint Chocolate Chip received. Cookies and Cream takes cookies, specifically those that are like Oreos, and blends them into vanilla ice cream. Similar to chocolate chip cookie dough, this ice cream has a rich, but delectable flavor. The cookies in the ice cream work, and the cream found inside of the cookies helps to add a smoother and sweeter flavor to the vanilla ice cream. Overall, it is a classic combo that cannot be beaten.

Notable Mentions:

Taking a step back and viewing the results, there were quite a few surprises shown in the numbers.

Classic flavors like vanilla and strawberry hardly got any love, while chocolate on the other hand saw many votes in its favor.

A combination of the two cookie flavors, chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream, known as Cookie Two Step received a handful of votes. This flavor takes the richness found in both kinds of ice cream and cranks it up to 11!

Sherbet got a little bit of love, as rainbow sherbet and orange sherbet received the same number of votes. These flavors shake up the typical chocolate and vanilla flavors found and offer a much fruitier flavor for those wanting something different. A great choice for a hot summer day.

For those of you looking for something a bit nuttier, pistachio ice cream received a vote. This green frozen treat contains pistachio nuts inside of the ice cream, and it creates an interesting clash of salty and sweet into one bite.

Finally, a surprise contender for fifth place was coffee. It is exactly what it sounds like similarly to chocolate and vanilla. Coffee is coffee flavored ice cream, and it was just two votes shy of cracking into the top 5.

There were so many more honorable mentions that could have been discussed, which just goes to show there is a wide selection of flavors to choose from when it comes to ice cream. Whether it be something extremely sweet like chocolate chip cookie dough, something a bit on the tamer side as in mint chocolate chip or even fruity like rainbow sherbet, there is an ice cream that fits everyone’s different tastes out there to try!


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