How To Complete Dumpster Diving Discoveries

Saints Row Dumpster Diving is one of the discovery side activities in the game. Saints Row has a huge open world full of things to see and do. Dumpster Diving is by no means a glamorous activity, but you can find some useful stuff if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of your dignity. Here is everything you need to know to complete Saints Row Dumpster Diving discoveries.

Saints Row Dumpster Diving: How To Find

Dumpster Diving is one of the Discovery activities in Saints Row. To find them, open your phone and go to the map. At the top of the screen, you will see some headings. Scroll across to Discoveries, as they do not show up even when All is selected. You will see yellow icons all over the map.

The yellow icons are the various types of Discovery missions you can complete. They each have pictures representing their activities, and sure enough, the ones with the big dumpsters on them are the Dumpster Diving missions. Select one to mark it on your GPS. If you are having trouble finding anything, check the more built-up areas of the city.

Saints Row Dumpster Diving: How To Complete

The spoils of diving in the dumpster are some money and a part of the Golden Dumptruck

Dumpster Diving is undoubtedly the easiest of these activities to complete. When you get to the Dumpster Diving location, you will find a dumpster with light glowing up and out of it. This marks your particular treasure trove, so head over and interact with it. Press X, or Square, or the E key depending on your platform to send your Boss head-first into the dumpster.

These dumpsters can hold all sorts of things, often money and experience. They can be especially useful when starting out to get some extra cash. They also hold parts of the Golden Dumptruck. Collect them all to construct the vehicle and add it to your garage.

That is everything you need to know about Saints Row Dumpster Diving. To learn much more about the game, check out our Saints Row Review.

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