How soccer became the most popular sport in the world

Soccer or better known to the world as football has a rich and well documented history. It is one of the oldest sports in the world, the first documentation of soccer dates back to 206 BC of Chinese soldiers playing Tsu’chu, translated as ” kicking the ball ”. While ball sports in other countries existed Tsu’chu was the only one that did not allow hands, and the rules were all the same to soccer as we know it today. Soccer spread to all corners of the world over time through history. As of 1863. soccer had officially established rules and regulations. This paved the way for modern soccer and the first World Cup in 1930.

The world loved and still does love soccer, with all countries competing for the title of world champion every four years. To decide which teams from each country go to the World Cup, local leagues were developed. The victors of these leagues would go on to qualify for the World Cup in hopes of becoming the champions.

But a very important part of soccer for the industry and its players has been present since the beginning. Bookies started appearing more and more as soccer increased in popularity, and people loved it. They could place bets for fun, to earn money, and even show off their amazing intuition and knowledge of the sport. Betting came as a big source of revenue and an integral part of the soccer fans culture. It is an ever-evolving industry that is very profitable for its users and holders.

In recent years bookies have decreased in popularity due to the rise of online betting sites. This revolution has come with a warm welcome from the sports fandom. Online sports betting is very handy because it is available from anywhere and allows instant withdrawals from the comfort of your home. Online sportsbooks are slowly taking over the betting industry, and many new users are coming to the scene.

If you wish to start betting or switch to online sportsbooks, taking a look at guides and reviews is highly advised. Websites like provide lists of the best soccer betting sites and guides on how to start your betting career. Additionally, betting websites provide great customer support and security with even some bonuses for first-time users. These bonuses give players a variety of perks like free bets or increases in deposits / withdrawals. Just remember to stay safe and use only reliable sports betting sites.

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