How kind gesture from NRL star changed someone’s life during the Rugby League World Cup

When the Australians are in town, it’s always special.

They were recently for the Rugby League World Cup and although it’s easy to focus on their quality as players, we shouldn’t forget that many of them are stand up human beings and it is their characters which have defined their success.

Nathan Cleary is perhaps the best player on the planet right now, however his kind gesture has changed someone’s life.

Todd Roper is a freelance content creator from Manchester and a huge Panthers fan. He messaged Cleary via Instagram asking him if he would like some content shot while training, not expecting a reply.

But Cleary brought him on board for the tournament and changed his life.

“I saw that the boys (the Kangaroos) were staying in Manchester and I saw Nathan’s story on Instagram,” Roper told 7NEWS.

“I dropped him a message cause I’m a big Penrith fan, not expecting a reply and he got back to me and said I can come down to training and film all the players training and stuff like that.

“I messaged him and said I’m a freelancer and I can provide him with some content while he is over here and he said that would be great and he would love it.

“It’s been incredible for me, it’s been great, my career has blown up massively,” Roper said.

“Having a following in Australia with all the players and their family and friends has been amazing.

“He (Cleary) has done everything for me. Even last night celebrating with the boys (after the final) and he was saying how great it was that I was there.”

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