Harvard hosts men’s tennis at Ivy League Opener

new York — Colombia’s men’s tennis team is set to host Harvard in the opening match of the Ivy League on Saturday. The match, which begins at 1:00 p.m., will be played at Lifetime Westchester in Harrison, NY.

Audience information:
Attendees must be on the guest pass list of the very limited, Colombia men’s tennis team to attend this event.

You will not be allowed to participate in tennis matches at Lifetime Athletic Westchester unless;
– You are on a team guest pass list
– You are a Lifetime Athletic Westchester member
– You buy a day pass for $ 50

There are currently no quid restrictions on Lifetime Athletic Westchester. Masks are optional. Fans / spectators for the event are limited to one pass list.

Colombian Lions
Colombia last competed in the Ivy League slate in 2019 when the Lions’ dominance extended to their sixth consecutive league title. With a total of 15 championships to the credit of the program, the Lions have consistently drawn elite athletes to Morningside Heights, including the # 12 New York native. Alex Kotzen And 2021 US Open boys doubles champion, Max Westfall Of Paris, France.

Playing from the top spot, Cotzen holds the record of 12-of-14 wins in singles matches to lead Colombia’s national rankings program. Earlier this spring, the Lions defeated # 21 North Carolina (4-3), # 63 Pain State (5-2), and # 19 Northwestern (4-3), making the team one of the best in the country. Became stronger.

Westfall in doubles, and teammates Theo vinegarHas amassed ten wins, including a 7-5 victory over 2021 NCAA doubles champion Pat Harper and Adam Walton of Tennessee.

This spring, the Lions have recorded nine wins and ended the non-conference game with a 6-1 victory over the Navy last week. Colombia are seen defending their title at the start of the Ivy League this week. Following Saturday’s match against Harvard, the Manhattan-based program will welcome Dartmouth to Lifetime Athletics on Sunday, April 10, before traveling to New England for a weekend series against Brown and Yale.

Crimson entered on Saturday with a record of 11-4. Driven by a trio of ranked competitors, Harvard beat Dortmouth 7-0 in their Ivy League opener last weekend before beating Brown, Princeton and Columbia to win the Out-of-Conference ECAC Tournament in February.

This season, # 23 Henry Schullenberg plays at the top of Harvard, bringing with him a wealth of international experience at the junior level. Fellow teammate Brian Shee reached the # 29 singles rankings after reaching the match-fixing point against # 27 PaperDine. From third place, # 35 Harris Walker counted a brilliant crimson-career after leading Harvard with a 29-8 singles record as a newcomer.

Stay up to date on all things Colombian men’s tennis by following the Lions on Twitter (ULCULionsMTEN), Instagram (@culionsmten) and Facebook (olColumbiaAthletics).

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