Girls’ soccer Peak Performer: Pine Creek’s Isa Murdock is always on the attack | High School Sports

Isa Murdock is known for scoring goals.

The Pine Creek senior scored 28 times this season and set her team’s record.

“I’ve always just loved attacking and going forward,” Murdock said.

But when coach John Frederick thinks about Murdock’s season, he remembers a day in which she couldn’t score.

“We had one practice where she kept missing open shots and kept hitting the post,” he said.

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Her coaches weren’t worried, and even joked with Murdock that she was getting the misses out of her system for Pine Creek’s game the next day.

But that wasn’t good enough for Murdock. She stayed after practice and fired more shots until she was satisfied. And the next day, the senior scored three goals.

“It was just determination,” Frederick said. “Wanting to be better and wanting to be the best that she can be. She pushes herself. ”

Murdock’s determination helped push Pine Creek this season. The Eagles finished the year 16-2, and went undefeated in the Pikes Peak league. And Murdock’s approach to the game didn’t go unnoticed by her younger teammates.

Often, Frederick says, players like Murdock who also play club soccer don’t have the same level of commitment to their high school squads.

Murdock was different.

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“Often they worry about the club and not so much the high school team during the preseason,” Frederick said. “But Isa was committed early on to all of the preseason stuff we were doing, and being a hard worker during that time. She took it seriously and her mentality is something that the younger players looked up to. ”

Murdock, he said, will always be admired thanks to her talent level. But the senior brought way more than just natural ability to the field.

“You see how she played, how she practiced and how she treated people,” Frederick said. “Her legacy is going to last for quite a few years.”

Murdock, who will play Division-I soccer at Elon next year, left her mark on the Pine Creek program. And it also made an impact on her.

She only played two seasons for the Eagles, as her freshman and sophomore years were taken up by the Developmental Academy in Denver, which does not allow players to participate in High School soccer.

But over those two seasons, Murdock says she changed a lot.

“I was pretty timid and scared,” Murdock said of going into her junior season. “I think I’ve grown more confident.”

It also allowed her to enjoy the game a bit more. The atmosphere at the Developmental Academy was intense. High school allowed Murdock to play a little more loose.

From her junior to senior seasons, Murdock learned how to balance the fun and intensity, bringing both to the field during every practice and every game.

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“In her first year she was a little more goofy,” Frederick said. “She never lost that part of her, but as far as taking things a little more seriously and stepping up as a leader, there was definitely a shift in her mindset.”

Now, Murdock is moving on from Pine Creek and heading to North Carolina to play for Elon. She’ll take everything she learned as an Eagle and apply it to the next chapter of her career.

A chapter that Frederick anticipates will be filled with even more success.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the best freshman on her team, her conference or even farther than that,” he said. “I know she will have an impact immediately.”

Just like she did at Pine Creek.

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