Georgian lawmakers adopt sports law for transgender people

ALBANI, Georgia (VALB) – Lawmakers in Georgia passed Bill 1084 on Monday night, and transgender athletes were part of the law.

However, lawmakers have left the decision on whether to allow transgender girls to play in girls’ teams to the Georgia High School Association.

Bill Yearta, a representative of the Republican state who lives in Sylvester, said that the house wants to investigate this issue further.

“This creates a sports oversight committee that will consider the issue and determine whether transgender people should be able to participate in high school sports with the gender they identify with,” Jerta said.

He added that this bill is not an attack on transgender youth, but focuses on making everything fair for all who compete.

Freddie Powell Sims, a Democratic senator in District 12, said she also believes more research is needed on the issue.

“The Georgia High School Association has a membership, and those members would be high schools. Those high schools are part of the association. They have been facing problems like this for a while, but again, have we made enough progress in the physical and mental science of dealing with young people to be safe in becoming competitors? ” Sims said. “That is why we must now leave it to those individuals, such as the high school association, which constantly deals with young people.

Sims also said that she believes that it is up to the parents of both trans and non-trans athletes to decide what they think is best for their child when competing.

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