Gatzlaff retires from the NHL at the end of the season with Dox

Ryan Gatzlaff Forward Anaheim Ducks announced on Tuesday that he will retire from the NHL at the end of the season.

The 36-year-old has scored 282 goals and 1,013 points in 17 seasons, all of which he has scored for the Ducks and is their leader in terms of points. He has scored 31 points (three goals, 28 assists) in 49 games this season.

“I have always said that I allow my body and mind to dictate when I am about to retire,” Getzloff said. “I remember talking to my friends when I first got into the league, I thought I was about 26, so I was definitely going to last what I thought. But it was always that way of thinking. Preparing for each season gets harder and harder as you get older.

“I created a supportive atmosphere around me, a loving family that I like to go home with, kids that I like to grow up with, not watch games, and that was one thing for me. Before that happened. “Let me get out of the game, where I can not do some of these things.”

Gatzlaff’s career in the NHL is likely to end after the Ducks (28-31-12) play their last home game against the St. Louis Blues on April 24. He said he would not play in the last two road games. Anaheim is 14 points behind the Vegas Golden Knights for their second wild card in the Stanley Cup play-offs of the Western Conference, ending the regular season at the Dallas Stars on April 29.

Gatzlaff, the No. 19 draft of the 2003 NHL, is the first time in Dox history that he has played in games (1150), assists (731), extra goals (11) and power play (254 assists). He is the leader in terms of goals (37), assists (83) and points (120), including 17 points (seven goals and 10 assists) in 21 games, when Anaheim won the Stanley Cup in 2007.

“I have always felt loyal to this organization, as they showed me,” Getzloff said. “So this has always been a big part of my decision (to stay in Anaheim). Any contract negotiations, any future talks have always ended here. The last few years have been the first years that even any of those talks have come up. To be honest, last year ‘s (NHL) trade deadline was the hardest two days of my life. “It was based on loyalty to the organization. It has shown over the years and it was not the right place to go.”

Gatzlaf was named Captain Dox on October 4, 2010. He is one of 12 players to captain a team in NHL history for 10 years, earning 1,000 points with that team, and is one of only three active captains to do so.Sydney Crosby Of Pittsburgh penguins and Alex Ochkin From the capital of Washington).

“We thank our owners, Henry and Susan Samuel, for leading an organization committed to success on the ice, but more importantly, for making a positive impact on our community and those in need,” Gatzlaff said. “Special thanks to the general managers, coaches, support staff, teammates and of course our fans. Playing for Ducks and living in Orange County is a dream for an athlete and most of all for you. Thank you. Everyone.”

Gatzlaf is one of 13 players in NHL history to win the Stanley Cup and two Olympic gold medals. He won gold with Canada at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

“We are proud of everything Ryan has done in his amazing 17 years playing for the Ducks,” said Henry and Susan Samuel. “While we will all remember his leadership qualities on the ice, this is his first approach in the community that has consolidated his legacy in Orange County. In addition to leading the Ducks Learn to Play program and many other initiatives The charity launched its program, such as the Getzlaf annual shooting in favor of CureDuchenne, which has raised more than $ 4.27 million to date.

“Congratulations, Ryan. You have been our leader, our soul and our captain, and you have left an indelible mark on our franchise that Dox fans around the world will never forget.”

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