Four Fascinating Places In Which Humans Can’t Set Foot

It can be assumed that There is no place on the planet that has not been discovered or visited.

Furthermore, social networks fill us up more and more with content created by tourists or influencers who have managed to reach places we didn’t even know existed. However, there Many places where visitors will be hard to reach.

In this video we talk 4 corners of the planet where Complete ban on the presence of people By legal, security, scientific, Or all three at the same time.

One of the places on the list is located in a remote region of the Arctic, relatively close to the North Pole, where one of the best-preserved vaults on the planet is located and not because it contains valuable minerals or some sort of secret weapon .

this is a seed depositknown as the largest in the world Svalbard Global Seed Vaultit is located in isla de spitsbergen And the chamber that holds these seeds is more than 100 meters deep inside a mountain, surrounded by a layer of rock 40 to 60 meters thick.

It emerged as a preventive measure by the Norwegian government in the event of a potential global catastrophe that risks losing crops important to humanity.

One of these fascinating destinations is in South America, especially Brazil. Is Big Burn Island It is located at a distance of 35 kms from the coast of State of Sao Paulo.

In this case, what makes it impossible to set foot on the island is that, according to estimates, it is inhabited by venomous snakes between about one and five per square meter.

One of the places mentioned is not dangerous, but it cannot be entered because of the valuable works of art. It is a cave located in Lascaux GrottoLocated in in the south of franceWhere are some of the best preserved examples of rock art.

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