Former NFL WR Chad Johnson backs the Eagles young corps on Twitter

Depending on who you spend your time talking to, discussing how valuable it is to have a-plus wide receivers on the roster vary from person to person. Some say the best way to build a football team is to find a quarterback and build in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Most would agree, and that’s what the Philadelphia Eagles have tried to do for quite some time. Just don’t tell some of the best wide receivers in the game.

Long seen as one of football’s glory and, let’s say, ‘diva’ positions, many of the best wideouts we’ve seen over the past two decades have had no issues telling anyone who’s listening about how great they are. Look no further than former Eagle Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson, Randy Moss, and Chad Johnson aka ‘Ochocinco’ if you need proof of that one.

Sure, there were exceptions to that rule, ‘Megatron’, better known as Calvin Johnson, Marvin Harrison, and Larry Fitzgerald come to mind, but here’s why some view wideouts as more of the cherry on the top shall we say than is necessary. building blocks. It’s actually quite simple.

Harrison and Johnson were a part of the Super Bowl-winning teams. No one else on that list has a ring.

We know strong trench play wins championships. We’ve proven time and time again that great quarterback play is essential for building a championship-ready roster, but adding the game’s best wideout doesn’t always lead to a Vince Lombardi Trophy.

We can say this though. They are important, and it cannot be understated that it is easy to see how important wide receivers are when you do not have any you can rely on. That ‘s a lesson the Philadelphia Eagles have been teaching over and over again during several decades of football. Thankfully, they did something about it over the past two offseasons.

Chad Johnson throws his full support behind three Eagles skill players in 2022.

As mentioned earlier, Chad Johnson has never been shy about expressing himself, even if he’s making statements about how he feels eating at Mcdonald’s often has long-term negative effects on one’s body. He’s always paying attention to the game he once played and still loves though.

Recently, he took to Twitter to express his thoughts on a random fan’s question about why this Eagles hype train is growing. His answer was short and to the point, yet at the same time, leaving minimal room for doubt.

There’s no word about whether or not, he’ll be attending any Birds games yet, but trust and believe in one thing. He has Jalen Hurts’ back as well. He’s often gone to bat for Philly’s QB1. Recently, he had the following to say in Another of his takes on Twitter when he was asked about his theory is what we should expectGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Hurts is the (insert expletives) .. He eats McDonald’s and comes from a winning environment and owns the pedigree of the NFC East.

Say what you will. Landing the star receiver may not win you the Vince Lombardi Trophy all the time, but these guys are still good for a quote or two.

More than a decade after he played his final snaps in the NFL, Chad Johnson still has much to say. Truthfully, if we’re being honest, we’re glad that he does because we most certainly don’t mind listening.

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