Football as a king sport in Spain

The football is the sport king in Spain. This has been like this from time almost immemorial, or at least since the British invented its modern variant, and at all aims to that to short or half term can be dethroned. No in vain, we speak of one of the sports of masses by excellence to global level. Something that has generated all an economic and social current around him. And it is that the importance of the sport in the cultural homeland is such that it has carried us to practice it and promote it almost as if it treated of a religion. In the following lines you reveal some of the keys of similar success:

A sport that raises passions

The football, balompié for my professor of tongue, occupies a central place in our day in day out. And if no that they say it to him to the actuality of the Barça with Raphinha, Lewandowski or Koundé like protagonists. No in vain, it treats of a sport that generates some strong feelings of rooting and a high degree of fans. And it is that, further of clubs like the Real Madrid and the Football Club Barcelona, ​​have been still in all the world, the fans are used to identify and turn into followers of the teams of his earth. Besides, it treats of a sport that inculca crowd of values ​​like the commitment, compañerismo, respect or discipline.

Show televised

Thed embargo of the new platforms of audiovisual content has allowed that the football, understood as a phenomenon of masses, have won notoriety of exponential form. It is more, so much it is so the television markets, and his millionaire rights, are in no few occasions those that move the development of the own competition. They sound you wonder the schedules chosen for some parties? Normal, are thought to be seen outside our borders. Standing out in the Chinese market as one of the main receptors in power.

The houses of bets

The growth of the phenomenon futbolístico neither could understand without, mention, as we have already commented some lines further back, the business that generates to his backs. Standing out, precisely, the peak of the c roast of bets of football and the boom of the on-line format like election of bet by excellence in our country. Who has not thrown some time The Quiniela? In case it was little, the internet has facilitated to extremes unimaginables the simplicity of the processes of bet. Arriving, even, to generate interesting guides of bets to do us win with greater ease.

On the other hand, said on-line game has erigido, with a total of more than 20,000 million euros to the alone year in our country, as all an economic engine that supposes , neither more nor less, 0.9% of the GDP .

A reaction in chain

The increasing interest by the football has made possible, as if of a process in chain treated, that turn into the most practiced sport in Spain. Only it is necessary to stop to analyze the quantity of existing federative index cards in all the categories to take conclusions.

Question of figures

Football is passion, rivalry and entertainment and this is something that also remains reflected in the numbers. The league Santander moves more than 3,000 million euros every year. Brushing 2% of GDP. And it is that we speak of an industry that gives employment to more than 185,000 people in Spain.

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