Floyd Mayweather to face Deji in November 13 exhibition boxing match

Floyd Mayweather’s next exhibition may be set, with YouTuber Deji — the younger brother of KSI — sharing a fight poster that says they’ll meet in an exhibition on Sunday, Nov. 13, from Dubai.

You’ll note this is not part of the “MF x DAZN” series that KSI runs with Wasserman and DAZN, but a Global Titans event. Global Titans are the group Mayweather worked with for his last exhibition in Dubai against Don Moore earlier this year, the one that was meant to be on a helipad and then wasn’t.

Mayweather just did an exhibition at a RIZIN event over the weekend, knocking out Mikuru Asakura in the second round.

One expects Deji, as he is not a professional fighter of any discipline, would be somewhere more along the lines of the Moore exhibition or last year’s Mayweather vs Logan Paul entertainment event, rather than Asakura, who actually came to fight Mayweather.

Deji was on the first MF x DAZN card on Aug. 27, stopping a fellow named “Fousey” in the third round.

Mayweather had intended to do another exhibition in November or December in the United Arab Emirates, so this lines up to his previous plans. He will no doubt make a lot of money, as will Deji, and he will probably continue to ignore Jake Paul’s demands to have a real, actual, sanctioned fight with a 45-year-old welterweight, while Jake compares the idea to the play fight his brother had with Mayweather in 2021.

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