Farewell Papita? Gonzalo Higuain would leave Inter Miami and retire from football

Inter Miami linked as the worst team in the MLS and the latest news only confirms the bad time the team is under David Beckham. An Argentine man Gonzalo Higuan It seems he has already completed his retirement date for soccer.

The former star of clubs such as River Plate, Real Madrid, Napoli or Juventus seems to be tired of the whole football situation and, after analyzing the moment of life he travels, will end his successful career, just like his career. said his father.

Jorge Higuain, a former soccer player, made a confession during his appearance on an Argentine television program, in which he talked about the future of his famous son, especially about his decision to end his career as a footballer.

“I do not see him returning to Argentina. He is finishing this year. At least he told me, that he was retiring.

Will Pita Higuain continue to be associated with football?

What Higuain’s father has said will mean Gonzalo will end his current contract with Inter Miami and soon, at 35, he will announce his experience in football.

However, Jorge Higuain wants his son to continue to be involved in the world of football, although he did not expect what position he thinks Gonzalo is.

“I would like him to continue to be associated with football in one of his roles because he is a well-prepared boy, he knows all the players, he has been coached by the best coaches in the world … management skills. You can be good at football, ”added Higuain.

Higuain’s family supported him through his ordeal

It is no secret to anyone that Pitita was one of Argentina’s most criticized players after losing 2014 World Cup roundsand 2015 and 2016 Copa Americabut the attacker’s family did not leave him.

“The family has always been there to stop him, I would explain to him that you would not cause the slightest problem with the people who criticize him. In the end he is the most respected young man in Europe. The truth is not social networks,” Higuain’s father said.

“Nothing happened to us, they asked for photos, greetings …. There were no complaints or slaps, I told her that she would not be upset by criticism on social media and that she should deal with the job. you have it, ”added the soccer player.

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