Fantasia wishes she had been ‘really cared for’ on American Idol | Entertainment

Fantasia wishes she had been “really cared for” during her time on ‘American Idol.’

The 37-year-old star – who shot to fame when she won the singing competition as a teenager back in 2004 – explained that because she was so young when taking part in the television show, she “really needed” a team of people around her to help guide her into the industry.

She said: “I was so young back then, but I wish that I would have had a team of people who really cared for me. Being so young and being so green, not knowing anything about the industry, you really need a team of people who will show you the way and not just think about what they can get out of it. “

However, the ‘I Believe’ songstress – who has gone on to release seven studio albums since her victory on ‘American Idol – admitted that she would change nothing else about her time on the show because it has all made her who she is today.

She told Entertainment Tonight: “That’s probably what I would have done differently. Other than that, everything that I went through with all this stuff, made the woman that I am today.”

Fantasia – whose full name is Fantasia Monique Barrino but is known professionally by her mononym – is now gearing up to star in the film adaptation of Broadway musical ‘The Color Purple’ and admitted that things have been “hard” on set because the story focuses on the “heavy” topic of slavery.

She said: “It’s been hard on set, it’s been funny on set, it’s been emotional on set, it’s been cold, it’s been hot. I will say this too – some of the places that we are filming has been heavy, because literally we have slave homes that have been there for years behind us. We can feel our ancestors. So, it’s heavy. “

‘The Color Purple’ is set for release in December 2023.


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