Ex-NHL player Ryan Whitney highlights the delays and mismanagement at Toronto Pearson Airport

Former National Hockey League (NHL) Player and former ice hockey defenseman from the US, Ryan Whitney was found lashing out at the authorities of the Toronto Pearson International Airport after he was stuck at the terminal for a day due to delayed flights. Whitney lent out his frustration through a series of tweets and a video of him making his way through the struggles at the airport.

The Toronto International Airport has been witnessing flight delays and long waits for passengers since April, which has resulted in overcrowding of passengers at the airport who have to face administrative hurdles during their travel. According to the airport authorities, the problem has arisen due to understaffing of management at a time when the terminal is seeing approximately 45,000 international arrivals in a day.

The latest victim of delayed flights is American ice-hockey player Ryan Whitney who had planned to travel from Edmonton in Canada to Boston in Massachusetts the last week. On Sunday, he faced a barrage of flight delays that made him stuck at the airport till the next morning. In the video uploaded on Twitter, which has gone viral, Whitney explains his helplessness to push through the hassles at the airport.

“I do not even really know where to explain. I landed in Toronto around 3 PM on Sunday and spent three hours in line to get through customs, only to find that my flight to Boston has been cancelled. At this point now, I go and see that there’s about a ‘400-person line’ with about two Air Canada workers. There were a million cancelled flights and everyone was just panicking, ”Whitney informed.

After this, the player informed that he had to wait in line for six hours in getting assistance from Air Canada. However, in the midway, the counter was closed and people were asked to seek help elsewhere. When Whitney, at 1 AM on Monday, got hang of the customer service from the company, he was refused to retrieve his bags. While he had planned to drive across the USA-Canada border as his next option, the flight operator informed that he had been booked for a new flight that was scheduled to leave from Toronto at 8 AM on Monday to Boston.

However, when Whitney reached check-in through his rescheduled flight, he was informed at the counter that the company had in turn booked a different flight from Toronto to Montreal that would connect to Boston. While the flight was supposed to leave 50 minutes after reaching the counter, Whitney was thus denied access to it as he was ‘late’. The company had already failed to inform the player about the change in the flight schedule, which was already a replacement journey for him.

Whitney’s departure from the airport was again delayed until 10 AM on Monday. Finally, he was able to board a flight on Monday morning, after spending a day at the airport. He published a video on Twitter thanking his fans for the support and expressed his happiness while finally boarding a flight to Boston saying, “I’ve never been this happier!”

While speaking to Canadian news broadcaster CTV News Toronto, a spokesperson for Air Canada said, “long processing times at airports and other restrictions have resulted in flight delays and in some instances cancellations and these can have knock-on effects not only for our customers but can also impact our employee resources and operations. These factors, along with an issue with the airport’s baggage system Sunday, are what caused Mr Whitney’s original flight to be cancelled. “

Meanwhile, frustrated Ryan Whitney has said that the Toronto Pearson Airport has become ‘the biggest disgrace known to the man ever.’

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