Entertainment Will Be Abundant At Clark County Fair



The eighty-year group covering “Flashback Heart Attack” will be one of the many stage performances to take place at the Clark County Fair next month. This dynamic group will perform just one show on Friday night at the Fair.

After a two-year hiatus, Clark County Fair and Rodeo are back this week with lots of entertainment that will bring a smile to everyone. From groups to groups of songs and dances, from storytellers to magical acts, from robots to swine pigs, the only problem for the unjust is to try to see it all.
“We were not sure what we would have and who would be back this year,” said Fair Manager Denise Robison. But this year’s festival will be full of fun.

As you walk through the stadium, be sure to attend the many meetings that take place throughout the day.

The Birdman and Company will connect humans with the fascinating animal world with a special focus on their aviation friends.

Cool Dog Productions is a continuous, action-packed canine show featuring Amazing Dogs and their keepers.

The Swifty Swine Racing Pig Show will be back to show you what the pig will do for the Oreo cure.

And Tanna Banana will be there to entertain the crowd by telling stories, songs and dancing.

People who have fun on foot will come to you in Vision. Real Life One Man team Marc Dobson has his own 9.1 equipment. He will make you laugh and fill your fingers. You could even decide to pull one dance or two by yourself.

A seven-foot-long BOT, the Robot will pass through its standard scooter and is always ready for photo ops, boxing and chat.

Western mythology is by far the most common form of crime “on horseback.”

Stilt Walker Zoey the Butterfly flies with her beautiful smile and glittering colorful wings.

Witch Jeff Martin is an expert in hand-slipping and the best magic tricks.

Musical performances will appear in various stages throughout the Fair. From northern Nevada,

Huckleberry Road is a small country and is a small rock n roll. Doo-Wa Riders – Myths have been together for over 40 years and provide a “superpowers with a cajun twist.” Pierce Avenue is in perfect harmony when the upper octane group welcomes the roots of the true land with twang and sass.

Flashback Heart Attack is a group of 80s on the cover with high power that is fun and empty. The group will perform one show at the Plaza Stage on Friday night at 9:30 pm.

The Legends of Rock is a group of five young men who bring the best rock n roll from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They will be doing just one show at the Plaza Stage Saturday night at 9:30 pm.

Chris Mabrey, an expert in comedy hypnosis, will enjoy and have fun with a hysterical program that everyone will want to see.

Mike Walker proves that there is nothing better than a talented hypnotist.

Matt Baker enjoys his hip, a powerful comedy program with funny stories, audience participation and amazing skills.

Branson Anderson will perform three shows on Wednesday. Anderson is a native of Moapa Valley, and has a humble respect for Americana. He carries the spirit of the past with his new song lyrics.

“We are very excited to have Branson this year,” Robison said. “She’s talented and loved by everyone here.”
With all the fun and everything you can do and see at this year’s Clark County Fair and Rodeo, you will never want to miss anything. So get your tickets in advance and come back with Saddle Again! for Clark County Fair and Rodeo.

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