Did Matt Turner get frostbite in Minnesota in the United States? Bruce Arena, Turner, US football commenter on future Arsenal goalkeeper injury

What started as an online rumor has turned into a full-blown fantasy like Bruce Arena, US Football and Matt Turner are all painted with conflicting stories that take place in the colder temperatures of Minnesota.

One of the never-before-seen pictures of the US 3-0 victory over Honduras was goalkeeper Matt Turner in his cool, full-bodied uniform, as the United States beat Honduras in half.

Turner, who had nothing to do with the US invasion throughout the game, was frozen solid – literally and figuratively – trapped in the net without much needed movement than the American goalkeeper.

Since that day, Turner has grown due to a foot injury that sidelined him last month, setting aside only the club’s time for the New England Revolution, but culminating in the third final match of the USMNT World Cup at the end of March.

What should have been “a few weeks”, according to his team coach Arena in early March ended up being a long-term issue.

Turner, Arena, and US Soccer all have reenacted what is happening in cold Minnesota, and all three have different stories.

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What did Matt Turner say about the injury to his foot?

Turner gave an interview with Dan Roche of CBS Boston on April 2, and in it, he seemed to suggest that he not only suffered from frostbite, but increased the existing injury and caused him to be thrown out for more time.

“After the Minnesota game against Honduras, I grew a little bit on my feet,” Turner said. “It was because the muscles of my foot were frozen and I was running back and forth to keep warm. All running on frozen tissues accelerated the process of tendinitis, but that was like only three or four days when I was sidelined. I met Revs in LA and so I did not exercise.”

Turner later went on to say that he injured his foot in a closed-door game against LAFC in the Major League Soccer preseason.

“Within minutes of the game the back-pass was left short,” Turner said. “I came to clean and someone left his foot. I turned off the ball and kicked under their feet and found a hairline fracture in a small bone in my feet.”

Finally, due to his initial comments about a possible frostbite affecting his tendonitis, Turner was forced to comment the next day on social media.

“The USMNT game in Minnesota has nothing to do with what kept me off the field for the past few weeks,” Turner said. The post explains that tendonitis in his left foot is completely cured, while the preseason challenge caused hair loss in one leg – right.

The Arsenal man of the future says “his words have been drawn to fit certain stories,” leading to his explanation.

“My update is going very well,” Turner said. “I hope I will be allowed to return to training again soon and I can put this chapter back on track.”

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What did Bruce Arena say about Turner’s injuries?

Bruce Arena started things off by showing Turner’s time “a few more weeks” on March 8th.

Then, when Turner was left out of the US soccer team on the March international break, Arena once again showed that the goalkeeper had been hit by ice in a game against Minnesota.

Arena repeated Turner’s statement, but the coach criticized US Football Association for planning a cold weather match:

Well, personally I told them beforehand, I thought it was silly to play teams like that, I think they should be in those situations. Having said that, we have been playing witchcraft in previous games here. But US Football, I feel, would have played anywhere in the world and would have won these games. Well, Matt’s current injury is not the result of a Minnesota injury.

His current injury has nothing to do with the frost he received in Minnesota. There was no confusion. The frost was on one foot. The injury he has now is on one foot. So, you can’t – there’s no connection to it.

Having said that, Canada does not play about places, but does play Canadian games in Canada. What will they do in February? Where are they going? The only place they can go is perhaps a bit more convenient in terms of weather, probably Vancouver, inside the turf complex at the dome. But now it was part of the game at CONCACAF. And maybe it always has. When I was coaching the national team, there were always some little tricks the nations played to try and win.

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What did US Soccer say about Turner’s injury?

US football has tried to deny that Turner ever got a cold during the February game in Minnesota.

Sam Minton’s report for SB Nation Revolution-specific site Bent Musket claims that US Soccer denies Turner was affected by the treatment due to the cold weather.

While the name seemed to indicate that US Soccer could have left the frostbite after he left national team care, US Football then clarified its location, stating that in the case of US football, Turner was not bothered by frost. in a Honduran game, he tells Sporting News, “Matt Turner did not have a frost after the game against Honduras.”

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