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Art Devlin (image provided)

LAKE PLASID – Mayor of Lake Placid Art Devlin and Chief Operating Officer of the Regional Office for Sustainable Tourism Mary Jane Lawrence will fly to Athens, Greece to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Union of Olympic Cities from May 22-24.

The village board of trustees unanimously agreed that the funds set aside for travel expenses be used to pay for the mayor’s plane ticket, which village treasurer Mindi Goddo estimated would cost about $ 650 a return trip. Goddo said that there is a reserve fund in the village budget for such things. She said that she understands that Devlin will pay all the additional costs while she is in Greece. Goddeau said the village does not cover Lawrence’s plane tickets.

Devlin is a member of the executive board of VUOC. The village and ROOST are joint members of VUOC, and Devlin said that is why one representative of each organization travels to Athens. He said that is why they shared the travel expenses.

The itinerary of the event includes “On-site visits”, which Devlin said usually involves going to some former Olympic venues. For this trip, Devlin said, visits to the site would go back in time – Athens was the birthplace of the Olympics. Sites such as the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, first used for the Panathenaic Games in 330 BC, hosted events during the first official 1896 Olympics.

The itinerary also states “presentations” as an event. Devlin said that he was not asked to give a presentation, but that does not mean that he will not. He said that last year, when he traveled to Copenhagen with former village mayor Craig Randall at the VUOC summit on smart cities and sports, he was given about 10 minutes in advance to prepare a speech that was published around the world.

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