Deutsch is hot on Deerfield’s success in the Lakes

Last Friday one of Deerfield’s executives, Holly Deutsch, committed to the University of Florida in the fall.

The elder said he chose Florida for academic reasons – he would study a business that focused on accounting and finance – and, as he said with a laugh, “because I love the hot weather.”

On Monday night in his first game after the announcement, Deutsch helped lead the Warriors to a hot start in Chicagoland on a cool evening in a 6-0 girls soccer victory over a visit to the Lakes.

“We came out tonight with guns burning,” he said, “and I always say that because we have a strong warmth.

Sophomore Emily Fox scored two goals for the Warriors, and added that this season has been a “huge improvement” for her team.

“Last year we tied the Lakes 0-0,” Fox said, “so today’s game shows our progress.”

“(Personally), this past year I was just starting to play with a lot of my teammates. It was great to be back this year, getting to know them and knowing how they play.”


The Lakes have a chance early, but Deerfield goalkeeper Lauren Gottlieb saves near the right corner of the net with a powerful Eagles junior forward shooting in front of Amanda Dietz.

The Warriors then scored in the 12th minute on Fox’s goal, with newcomer Ryan Emory (assisted by Deutsch) making it 2-0 a few minutes later.

Fox then changed things to score again in a free kick from 29 yards around the Lakes wall and behind the net.

“I’m fine,” Fox said, “but I chose to kick it with my left foot because I wanted to bend inwards. It’s something I’ve been practicing for a while.”

Article from Warriors senior Riley Schimanski, one of the team’s managers, made it 4-0 at half-time.

Lakes forward Nicole Varga ran well down the left flank to start the second half, but was turned down by Deerfield senior defender Katie Morgan, one of the managers.

The Warriors then (5-0-1) attacked and Lakes goalkeeper Caitlin Pron, who excelled throughout the game despite scoring, did four things to keep his team in the game.

“He has been a shining spot for us for the past two seasons,” said Eagles coach Kevin Kullby.

Morgan, who played a stellar game, scored from the penalty spot in the 68th minute to make it 5-0, and the score after Katie Denison’s time counted the final points.

“Our team is very close this year compared to previous years,” said Deutsch. “We’re really working together, we’re finishing, and I’m excited to see what happens this season.”

Mia Silber, a second student, played an active game on both ends of the Lake court.

“We are a work in progress,” said Kullby. “We need to find a better defense in some situations. We can’t give up this many goals, but Deerfield have a great team spirit, they play hard and physically, and I give them credit.

“We changed things in the second half, that gave us more protection, and I saw good things. Come during the conference, we have to have everything.”

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