Daniel Bryan absolutely tore apart AJ Styles for being a flat earther

Daniel Bryan tearing apart AJ Styles on WWE programming for being a flat either is truly priceless content.

Back in 2017, Bryan was acting like an utter menace on Talking Smack, basically just saying whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

That was on full display during one of his segments with Styles, where Bryan accused his former rival of believing that the earth is flat.

What did Daniel Bryan say to AJ Styles?

During their segment, which took place in February 2017, Bryan took it upon himself to have some fun with AJ Styles about his supposed “belief” that the earth is flat.

Styles said that he doesn’t fully believe that the earth is flat, but said that those who do will definitely raise some good points, but this didn’t stop Bryan.

You can check out the footage for yourself below, which even five years later, still remains incredibly funny.

Video: Daniel Bryan accusing AJ Styles of being a flat earther

The show was a lot more lighthearted than anything else on WWE TV at the time, with Bryan and co-host Renee Young often having a lot of fun with their guests.

The segment with AJ Styles, which is undoubtedly pretty funny, was just one example of Bryan letting his hair down and having some fun on the show, while also serving as SmackDown’s General Manager.

Interestingly enough, Bryan was cited during interviews that he was trying to get fired from WWE with some of his antics on the show, and looking back on it, it’s pretty clear to see.

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Image Credit: AEW

Fans still love thinking about the funny moment, so much so that it started to go around on social media earlier this month.

Below is some of the fan reaction to the clip doing the rounds online again, with fans clearly enjoying seeing Bryan poke some fun at this fellow former WWE Champion.

WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan
WWE fan

Latest news on AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan

After leaving WWE last year, Daniel Bryan (now Bryan Danielson) went on to join AEW, where he now wrestles as one of the company’s top stars.

However, he has revealed that his current deal with AEW will be the last full-time contract he signs, so Bryan appearing for WWE again on their weekly shows appears to be unlikely.

Styles, on the other hand, remains full-time with WWE and is one of the featured stars on Monday Night Raw.

He’ll even be in action this weekend at Survivor Series: WarGames, when he goes one-on-one with Finn Balor as part of The OC’s feud with Judgment Day.

You can find all of the latest WWE news and rumors right here.

You can watch WWE Raw and SmackDown live in the UK on BT Sport and in the US on the USA Network and FOX respectively.

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