Dalton Football won the Inter-State Bout with Baylor

There could be no greater threat to attack Georgia football than Fabian Rodriguez in the open. Kwi71St in a minute, he had the ball and was turning left as Baylor’s defenders ran to block him. Running next to him was his longtime partner Ezekiel Ortiz, and in due course, Rodriguez threw the ball into Ortiz’s cut. The Dalton striker completed the opportunity with clinical accuracy and gave his team a 2-1 win on the offensive ground.

“Me and him, we’ve played together since we were little,” said Rodriguez.

“You read my game, all I had to do was hit my defender and cut it, and do all the work.”

Baylor led 1-0 in the second half, thanks to a fine goal from Riley Shankle on 25.th minute. Coach Curtis Blair’s side were bent but not broken in defense, and a strong back line with talented defenders like Eric Fossen had kept the Catamounts aimless. Goalkeeper Zach Ubamadu has also shown his form in several games throughout the game.

Baylor had a few solid chances in the second half, and Phelipe Spielman and Guilherme Gragnano got a few cracks in the post. But there was no argument that Dalton only controlled the action in the second half. The game was mostly played in Catamount’s third-place finish, because any time they lost the ball, Dalton’s oppressive team had just got the ball.

“I’m glad we were able to keep the ball, because that’s not what we did well,” said Dalton coach Matt Cheaves. “We have worked hard over the last few weeks, because that is what Dalton has done so well (in the past). In the last few games, I think we have improved. ”

In 51St In a minute, Rodriguez scored 1-1. He ran under the lob pass, collected the ball while being forced by two defenders, then found the ball in his right foot. With a powerful explosion, the Dalton Catamounts were with the home team.

It took Dalton another 20 minutes to get the above-mentioned equation score, but there was a lot of movement between the two Dalton thunderstorms. While there was no need to defend himself too much by having the ball too often, Dalton still had to answer for millions of Baylor strikers.

Defender Salvador Martinez was one of the most inexperienced players on the field, but spectators could not explain how he played. In the Catamount scheme, being a good marker is a must, and Martinez is extremely defensive against anyone given the job of guarding him.

“You probably played for at least 60 or 70 minutes and did great,” Cheaves said. “He had to warn Baylor’s powerful attackers.”

After scoring, Dalton’s defense kept Baylor out of action and brought a hard-won victory. In addition to being the winners, Rodriguez and the company realized how talented their Chattanooga opponent was after the game.

They are definitely better than (some) of the schools we have played from Georgia, ”said Rodriguez. “Baylor has some guys who can beat him and they have a good team with chemistry.”

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