Colts RB Jonathan Taylor gets brutally honest at potentially shattering NFL records next season: ‘I just don’t care’

Jonathan Taylor broke out into another level in the 2021 season. The Indianapolis Colts running back emerged as the top rusher in the league last season. His ability to carve out great yardage from run plays helped the team stay in the playoff hunt for most of the season. Unfortunately, they fell just short at the end.

Despite the anti-climactic end to the season, many fans and his teammates are still high on Taylor. Colts head coach Frank Reich is a big believer in his running back, saying that he could break all the NFL records if he got the touches. That’s high praise, but Taylor’s answer to this question will excite fans more. (via ProFootballTalk)

“You can have all the yards and all the records, and if you don’t get the wins, what does it all mean? I just don’t care.”

That right there is the sign of a true superstar in the league. Taylor is easily one of the best players in the league, with the ability to get his stats whenever he pleases. If the Colts RB wanted to, he could demand more touches and get all the records imaginable. However, Taylor recognizes that in order to elevate himself, he needs to elevate the team first.

The Colts have a serious chance of making some noise in the AFC, although it’s certainly not going to be easy. There’s a murderer’s row of contenders within the conference right now, with some divisions having three or more serious playoff contenders. Indianapolis’ best chance of making it to the postseason is by snagging the AFC South crown away from the Tennessee Titans.

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